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  • There are so many things I learned during my four years in college that it can be hard to give advice to others. The good thing about school is that you always have peers who are going through some of the exact same experiences as you. Those experiences come just as you open the door […]

  • We all know that good nutrition and regular exercise are an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only will you reach and maintain a healthy weight, but you will also reduce your risk of chronic disease and fatigue. Despite knowing this, finding the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Enter […]

  • Does helping others make you happy? When you don’t enjoy being front and center, hiding in the background and focusing on others can make you feel more comfortable. Some of us have the personality type which causes us to become the caretaker type. Sometimes it’s easy to get swept away in helping others because you […]

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  • Our readers wanted to know: “If a man finds himself not where he wants to be in life (no job, out of work, low pay, etc) how can he boost himself up? How can his woman support him?” I...

  • This question presents controversy at every corner. Having a balance of true intelligence and pure glamour is fairly uncommon, due to the varying definitions of “intelligence”, and surely of “beauty”. Nonetheless, there are ways we can arrive to a...

  •  “He talks to me for hours into the night and he wants me to lay in his bed — but he just won’t call me his girlfriend. What’s up with that? Like, how important is the ‘girlfriend’ title to men these...

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