self-made: (adj.) a person who was born poor or otherwise disadvantaged, but who achieved great economic or moral success thanks to their own hard work and ingenuity rather than to any inherited fortune, family connections or other privilege.

Millennial women are currently living in the era of the #GIRLBOSS. There is a national revolution occurring around entrepreneurship that is inspiring more women to ditch the traditional ideals of a “career woman” for financial self-reliance. Although women of color are the fastest growing group of business owners, they receive less venture funding than white men and women, which limits their abilities to gain status as high net-worth individuals. Our goal is to diversify the storytelling in this space in hopes that there are more faces of color one day on the Forbes 400 list of self-made billionaires. We want to give millennial women of color the tools they need to rise among the ranks of the self-made by whatever means that they choose.

BAUCE is a lifestyle site for the self-made woman. We create and curate content that helps ambitious women from multicultural backgrounds build their empires, achieve financial freedom, and look good while doing it. We’re not just a publication. Being a BAUCE is a lifestyle. A BAUCE embodies the hustler’s spirit and continuously works towards her dreams — she never takes no for an answer.

A BAUCE is fly, fierce, and always on her ish. She values herself and utilizes her talents and resources to achieve things without relying on a silver spoon. BAUCES are intellectual readers, business-minded thinkers, and savvy trendsetters who are focused on personal development and wealth building.

BAUCE fosters a progressive online community to connect women; we allow them to share their opinions through our forums and social media platforms.  We are also here to offer advice to fellow sisters in need.

Please note that content on our site that contains a “BAUCE MEDIA PARTNER” byline is indeed sponsored content and may (but not always) contain affiliate links.

There’s more to the site than meets the eye. And we’re still growing. Thank you for visiting and welcome to your new digital destination.

The BAUCE Manifesto: 
Whether you were born in a trailer or grew up in the hood,
had poor grades in school or were just misunderstood,
you have the ability to make it to the top.
Yes, girl, you TOO can make the world stop!
For success is not defined by the history of your past,
the color of your skin or being raised middle class —
But rather by how hard you are willing to work
to be the best you can be and to put your dreams first.


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