What business should you launch in 2021 and 2022 to succeed?


These are the top ideas for business endeavors in 2021/2022. Ideas that will help you to launch a business of your own during the global pandemic.

The best business ideas in 2021 and 2022

Starting your own small business is a dream come true for many of us. But in turbulent 2021 and upcoming 2022, it is better to play on the safer side and put your resources in a business plan that has great potential.

So today, we gathered our personal favorite best business ideas that will work in 2021 and will help you withstand the harshness of today’s world. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How business can make it in 2021/2022

So, in general, we think that in 2021 you should consider business ventures that do not need too many investments in the beginning. Of course, if you are a master chef, and you want to open a restaurant, a highly risky business with tremendous investments, but it is your passion, go for it!

However, if you want to put your money into something more stable, then choose low investment opportunities, and most importantly, you need to focus on online sales. With stores closing all over the place and a vast majority of people doing all their shopping online nowadays, you need to consider an e-commerce project over an offline place if you want to make it.

In addition, it will be much cheaper to do it online: you don’t need to pay for an office at first, because you can do it from home. Also, you can do a lot of your website maintenance by yourself, and platforms like Wix and WordPress offer beautiful and free templates for online stores.

So let’s move to some of our small business ideas!

Call center outsourcing services

Our first idea that will give you financial freedom is establishing call center outsourcing services. The market lacks qualified specialists in the communication field, and what’s more important, not every business can afford to hire and teach its own qualified call center staff to communicate with its clients.

You can start small with a couple of people and offer your services to small companies. You can negotiate various payment plans to fit clients’ needs and maximize your profit. You can charge the clients for the number of calls per hour or have a fixed price per specialist.

If you are interested in communications, it can be a perfect business for you.

DIY eco-friendly toys store

We love the idea of a toy store because it is both fun and interesting. We specifically noted that toys should be DIY and eco-friendly because today’s market demands more sustainable choices, and people love buying exclusive things.

That’s why there was no better time to launch a business like that than now.

If you have a crafty side, you can learn how to make these toys by yourself. However, if you are interested only in managing the business, we recommend you find local DIY talents and crafters to collaborate with them.

You can provide them with an online platform for their craft for a fee. If you don’t like this approach, you can just buy the products and sell them like in a regular online shop.

Tailoring services

If making amazing clothes is one of your hobbies, it is time to start earning money from it. It can look like a pretty risky business plan from the first glance but hear us out.

People are tired of overconsuming, and cheap low-quality clothes that last one season. We all know that your jeans should not end up in a dumpster after only six months, but the harsh reality says the other thing.

So hiring a tailor that will make you clothes that will be locally made, from high-quality materials, and last forever is a more expensive but affordable option in the long run. And in 2021, people understand that, so if you dream of opening your own atelier, it is a perfect time.

Online schools and tutoring services

Making something is great but teaching someone how to do it is even better!

In 2020 when millions of people lost their jobs, many started exploring the world of e-learning and online tutoring to get a new occupation.

At the same time, many teachers and specialists from different areas started creating online courses, webinars, and lectures to continue sharing their knowledge with the world.

The huge advantage of online learning compared to the traditional one is the ability to save your classes forever. You, as a tutor, can launch a screen recorder without a watermark and record every webinar of yours for your students. Trust us, they will be thrilled to have these pieces of knowledge they paid for forever.

So if you have knowledge in any area and you want to share it, open your online school and start tutoring!

Digital services

SEO, programming, web design, copywriting, or any other occupation that has a weight on a digital scale of things is a perfect business choice in 2021.

The IT industry and app development grow exponentially year after year, and the best part is that most of the IT professions you can master through online courses. You can start your first steps as a freelancer, get some experience and later open a business and hire your own specialists.

Just choose what fits you the best, find a reliable online course or tutor on this matter and start your journey into the IT world. It is the most online of all business options we gave you, so it’s perfect for a 2021/2022 small business.


Despite being another hard year in the times of COVID-19, you can turn it around, and 2021 can become a year when you launched your first business and succeeded.

Yes, it is not easy to find your niche, but if you find something you want to do, you create a plan and make a great effort to grow your business online, we believe that you can achieve great success! Good luck!

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