The Top 10 Most Popular Cities For Trade Shows In The U.S.

Setting the right location for business events like trade exhibits is very important.

Setting the right location for business events like trade shows and exhibits is very important. You have to bear in mind that the moment you start planning a trade show, you will be competing with other feasible trade fairs for participants and vendors for visual impact productions. Whatever the industry event is for, the guests could be seeking over dozens of different choices. The location is among the most influential factors that can attract both exhibitors and attendees.

To have an expo that everyone will visit, here is a checklist of the top ten cities in the United States that are popular for hosting trade show events.

Las Vegas

When it comes to a list of best trade show cities, you will always see Las Vegas at the top of the list. You might think that this place is not suited for a business trip since it is famous for its fun and exciting nightlife. Well, think again.

Millions of people travel to Las Vegas annually to attend trade shows. Apart from the world-famous shows and attractions, business expos and conventions are also some of the things one should experience. More than that, they have some of the best trade show venues and hotels. This is why you cannot go wrong with hosting a trade exhibit in Las Vegas.

It is also easy to find trade show booth rentals Las Vegas service providers that can take care of all your exhibit needs.


Most large trade show events are also taking place in Orlando since it is home to Orange County Convention Center, one of the biggest convention centers in the US. Also, the city is a popular vacation destination, aside from its famous theme parks. Thus, there are many selections for guests to stay. 


Austin is an excellent choice for trade shows because it has an active downtown area with a rich history. As a home to many entrepreneurs, it is not surprising that many trade fairs are annually assembled here.

Although this city is a great site for a variety of small and mid-sized events, several large trade shows can also find the perfect venue. One of their famous sites is the Austin Convention Center, where some of the biggest events in the city are held.

San Antonio 

Most people choose to host their trade exhibits in developing cities since you can get many opportunities. San Antonio is one of the fastest developing cities in the US, making it an engaging city to host trade shows for various industries. The area is suitable for conducting big expos since they have plenty of large convention centers.

San Diego

Apart from dozens of great venues for trade shows, San Diego offers beautiful weather throughout the year and glamorous beaches. One of the most distinguished convention centers in the city is the San Diego Convention Center. Here, you can be close to the downtown area while getting an excellent view of the sea.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another city that can make your participants forget they are in town for business. Due to the place’s nightlife, culture, and dining, guests will surely be brought in. More than that, New Orleans is known for its art and architecture, so your guests will surely appreciate the place once you decide to host a trade show in the city. Just avoid planning your event near the Mardi Gras festival.


atlanta is great city for trade shows

Atlanta is naturally great for trade show events as it becomes a popular destination, both for people to move in and to visit. While the city continues to grow, your guests will undoubtedly find lots of activities to do during their stay.


The City of Phoenix is rapidly growing, especially with younger residents who are into business start-ups. This is why it is also a good place for a business trade exhibit, apart from the sunshiny weather that every attendee will surely love. Moreover, many affordable accommodations are available near the airport, which is a convenient option for incoming guests.


Some people might overlook Indianapolis for larger metro areas, but this city has many things to offer to keep your guests busy. It is a known fact that trade shows can get expensive, but hosting your trade show in a city such as Indianapolis can provide all the comfort found in a big city, only at a cheaper cost. Large convention centers and plenty of accommodations are available in this place.


Joining trade shows for business vendors is already expensive. More so if they have to spend on traveling just to attend a great trade exhibit. Conducting a trade fair in coastal cities can be challenging for most attendees. But if you prefer a city that is easy for anyone to go to, arrange a trade show in Chicago. 

This downtown area has plenty to offer, plus it is easily walkable. What’s more, Chicago is home to McCormick Place, which is the largest convention center in the country. 


That ends our list! Do you have a pick for your next trade show event? Why do you prefer that city? We would like to hear your thoughts. Place your message in the comment box below.

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