3 Customer Experience Techniques That Will Improve Your Business

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Customers are the driving force of any business, and therefore when running a company, keeping your customers happy is key to success.

Customers are the driving force of any business, and therefore when running a company, keeping your customers happy is key to success. Shaping the experience that your customers have when purchasing your products and services ensures that you can exceed expectations and maintain the positive reputation of your company.

However, while most businesses have some type of customer experience strategies in place, not all companies use customer relationship management techniques to the best of their abilities. Consequently, let us discover three customer experience lessons that you might not have thought about.

Act on Feedback

Listening to what your customers are saying about your company, as well as the products and services that you offer, might seem self-explanatory, but there are so many customer service issues that can avoided by paying closer attention to customer opinions in the first place. Customer feedback should always be viewed as one of your biggest drivers of innovation, especially if you want to cultivate a roster of long-term customers. If your retention rates are falling, or if you want to know more about your current output, then the best people to ask for feedback are your customers.

Gathering feedback can seem like a daunting task, but thanks to developments in technology, you can now use a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce to take care of the administrative burden for you. If you do not already use a CRM platform, head to to learn how technology is changing customer service. Correspondingly, customer data is highly valuable and allows your employees to improve customer experiences. Over time, by providing tailored experiences using data and analytical insights, your company can continue to add value to the lives of your customers.

Provide Multiple Options for Assistance

Customers enjoy the freedom to contact you in the ways that suit them best. Some prefer to speak to someone over the phone, whereas others prefer to send an email or a message via social media. Therefore, the more options that you provide, the more people that you can make feel happier. Essentially, this can also involve giving customers the option to help themselves. We all go online to solve problems nowadays, and therefore maintaining a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page is strongly recommended. If your products or service are particularly complex, you could also produce some helpful video tutorials.

Now more than ever, customers expect an omnichannel experience, so there are no excuses for not integrating your online and offline channels. Omnichannel experiences account for each platform or device your customers use to interact with your company. Therefore, remember to align your content, tone of voice, and brand image to make it as easy as possible to move between your official website and social media platforms as well as to your customer service portal. You can also try to introduce integrated online and offline experiences such as broadcasting streamed events to unite your existing customers as well as audiences that are not physically present.

Empower Your Employees

Communicating with your employees is vital when running any business. You cannot expect your employees to embrace a customer centric approach if they are not entirely sure how to do so. Consequently, you might want to consider training your employees how to uphold core company values to ensure a consistent workplace culture. In order to provide excellent customer experiences, your employees must have the necessary knowledge and skills required to shift their focus towards the needs of your customers at all times.

Delivering high-quality customer services depends on employees that can communicate and listen well, can manage their time effectively, and can demonstrate empathy, attentiveness, and patience. Although your employees should be taught that no conversation with a customer should end without confirming that the customer is satisfied, there must also be a balance between dealing with a customer without leaving another one waiting. Moreover, any training delivered should be completed on a departmental or team basis. It can also be helpful to provide further support for employees that want more training, as necessary.

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Ultimately, if you want to boost your business, focusing on your customer experiences can ensure that your customer service team are going above and beyond to deliver what your customers need. Customers want to know that their problems can be resolved easily and so it is inevitable that people tend to favour companies that can demonstrate a clear understanding of their products and services. By taking steps to improve customer service, you should be able to keep your customers happy so that they always come back for more. You might find it beneficial to have an app for your business as well, however, it’s important that you market your app to new customers properly.

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