5 Ways to Revamp Your Boring Wardrobe on a Budget

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Whether the seasons are changing and your winter wardrobe needs space for spring essentials, or you’re just feeling like all your outfit options are a little more “blah” than “bam!”, sometimes we all feel the itch to revamp our closet and its contents. The only problem? The cost. Buying new clothes can cost a pretty penny—especially if you have a taste for the finer things in life—leaving us to feel stuck with the styles we have, but lusting for the looks we wish we could rock.

Don’t despair quite yet; it’s totally possible to upgrade your attire and breathe fresh air into your wardrobe. You just need to know how to do it on a budget! Not sure how to get started? Here’s our best advice for revamping your wardrobe while keeping costs under control.

Purge First, Purchase Second

Okay fashionistas, you probably won’t enjoy this piece of advice. But before adding new items to your collection of clothes, you’ll need to let go of some first. As impossible as it may seem to part with those Jimmy Choo stilettos and Kate Spade cross-body bag, you know deep down that they’re a little outdated and not seeing the wear that they used to.

Free up some space in your closet (and cash in your bank account) by purging last season’s styles and less-frequently worn looks. Resell your clothes on platforms such as Poshmark and Depop to savvy stylists like yourself who are looking to snag the best deals. Donate whichever pieces you can’t sell online to charity organizations in need; it might not contribute to your fashion fund, but it’ll give you an irreplaceable sense of fulfillment! Even if it makes your heart a little sad to say goodbye to your former BFFs, think about the joy the next owner will feel to love and appreciate their new clothes like you once did!

Search Secondhand Stores

Thrift shopping isn’t as difficult as it used to be; you don’t need to wake up early on the weekends to hit the flea markets for lucrative vintage finds. Simply hit up stores like Buffalo Exchange and Thrift Trader that are chock-full of brand names beneath standard prices.

Most of these stores have strict quality standards, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about unsightly stains or fuzzy pilling on your secondhand items. From adorable wine colored flats to edgy moto jackets, you’ll score gently-used, like-new apparel at a fraction of the cost—and if you offload your used clothes at one of these locations for store credit instead of cash, you’ll have even more spending money to play around with.

Bundle and Bargain

Can I get a BOGO, anyone? Buy One, Get One discounts as well as bundle bargains are a great way to score big while saving money. You can find offers like “5 for $25” on panties or free shipping for orders over $50 across all sorts of retailers. Instead of shopping between all your favorite stores, try to pile up at one store in order to reap the savings benefits. Pro Tip: Clothing sales usually take place around seasonal holidays, so try to be patient and hold off on your shopping until then.

Shop on Layaway

Take this advice with caution, because we would never encourage anyone to spend more than they can afford. But if buying new clothes is an absolute must, shopping on layaway might be a feasible solution to avoid breaking the bank. To purchase on layaway means to make an initial payment on a particular item, then completing payment through future installments. While doing this too often can be risky, using layaway responsibly can allow you to revamp your wardrobe while still affording all your monthly bills.

Consider Subscription Services

Last but not least, think about all the different subscription services out there than can help you afford designer styles on a dime. From Stitch Fix to Fab Fit Fun, there are all sorts of companies out there that offer alternative shopping avenues that make it easy (and affordable) to keep switching up your look.

Ready to start shopping? Now you know how to ditch the drab and upgrade to fab all without digging too deeply into your bank account!

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