Boost Your Style: How To Accessorize Without Breaking The Bank

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All you need is one piece to tun heads.

Accessories have the power to transform your outfit and can do different things with different clothes. They can help to make an old dress look like new, or make the most boring of outfits appear much more classy, quirky and stylish. Not only that, but they are also endlessly versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything in numerous ways.

Sound good? Here’s how to accessorize any outfit to perfection.

Don’t Overspend On Things You Will Not Use

It is very easy just to keep buying bracelets and earrings every time you see them, and then most of the time they sit in a box and never see the light of day. So, only buy things you know will be worn, and purchase them from some of the cheaper places such as markets and thrift shops, where you can find some amazing bargains and far quirkier pieces. Then, you can save the money you would have spent for some other accessories. When it comes to necklaces, you should have something colorful and bold as well as something a bit more toned down such as a nameplate necklace, or just a plain chain. If you are wearing a statement necklace, you will not need any other jewelry as they are enough to catch the eye and draw the right kind of attention on their own.

Dress Up Your Bags

If your bag is looking old and tired, you can easily dress it up and bring it back to life.  Find some patches, buttons or odd pieces of chain and attach them to your bag. It will be revitalized and will save you the cost of a new one for a little while longer.

Colorful Sunglasses

If you are rich and famous you can afford to pay many hundreds of dollars for sunglasses, and probably for several pairs. But most of us are not in that situation and need to spend a lot less. They are very popular at the present time with very colorful frames, and you can buy them cheaply enough to have a few different colors so you have a pair to match whichever outfit you are wearing. Most of the time, no one will be able to tell they aren’t designer.

Belts and Scarfs

Belts are one of the best fashion accessories ever. You can change the same outfit totally by changing the belt, and the effect can be amazing. They come in thin and thick styles, numerous materials, and patterns and colors of all types and you are bound to find belts that you can use.

Another extremely good accessory, because they are so flexible, is a scarf. You can wear them in lots of different ways on your head, but can also tie them to your wrist, around your neck, to your bag or even have one tied to your belt for a little something extra.

Belts and scarfs can be purchased for very little from most clothes shops and markets, and they are one of the best accessory investments you can make.

Don’t Forget The Hat

Hats will keep your head warm in the winter and protect your head from the sun in the summer. As well as being useful in that way, they make very good accessories for any outfit because they come in so many styles, shapes, and colors, They’re great for adding some quirk and hiding any bad hair days too of course!

What are your go-to accessorizing tips?

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