Top Software and Hardware Needed To Run A Successful eCommerce Site

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With new technologies and everything being online, there is a need for certain types of software and hardware to have a successful business. Everything used to be physical, but as more and more people began using the internet for information and services it became more prominent for businesses to have a presence online. Small businesses thrive online and most do not need a physical location to gain profit and success. E-commerce is a way small businesses can lead when compared to those who are established and traditional.

With the many options to buy and sell online, it is preferred that businesses big or small have a website and a shopping capability online. This has led to an increase in e-commerce platforms that improve the possibilities of anyone who wants to create a business and the experiences of sellers and buyers. The possibilities are growing for ways to create revenue online, from drop shipping to marketing. To create a successful business there are certain software and hardware that you must have to create revenue and attract new customers.


E-commerce is a valuable way to make sales and profit. Today it is more present than ever considering the number of people who enjoy shopping online than going out to physical stores. Online stores and businesses offer convenience for customers and this is why the rate f online shopping grows as years go by.

There are certain requirements to get your store started online. Third-party sites and companies help businesses get their websites running properly and help them gain traction and profit. There are dozens of companies offering assistance and feature to help with business startups. Finding the right third-party assistance can make creating an online business confusing, especially when trying to understand the terminology and methods that are used. Here are a few reputable e-commerce software companies that can help you.

1.   Shopify

Shopify is known to have just about everything you need to get your business started online. It is one of the best options for small businesses. Many people use this software and only this software because of the many uses it has and features it offers. You can do anything on their site, from finding premium domain names and logo design to creating vendor relationships and unlimited security. 

It requires a low monthly payment to get started and as your business grows you have the opportunity to select plans with additional features for higher rates. Not only is Shopify easy to use but it has some of the best e-commerce features and benefits.

2.   Squarespace

Squarespace is often compared to other e-commerce software like Shopify and stands out due to its mobile capabilities. Small businesses who want to handle e-commerce related things on the mobile device usually opt for Squarespace as their online building platform. This service offers a unique design for mobile experiences that matches with the businesses style and theme.

The feature that separates this service from others is its capability to generate many scales and versions of concepts and images that are uploaded. It is notable for detecting the specific device that is being used and creates a proper viewing and user-friendly image and functions. Everything on the website is altered to fit a mobile screen for optimal viewing. 

3.   WooCommerce

Built from WordPress, WooCommerce is a software company that offers extensions like marketing, shipping and handling, and payment processes. It is a shopping cart plugin that allows small businesses to have proper purchase and payment methods within a smooth and quick manner. It is customizable and allows you to create a site that works how you want it to. It offers certain themes, marketing, and back-end operations for businesses expense.

Some features are free with this software, but to have access to advanced capabilities the price varies from $79 to $139. This software offers merchant accounts, which is something you need if you want to run a business online.


Hardware is simple to access and obtain. Almost everyone has hardware in their home capable of helping them run a business. You must have quality equipment to successfully run a business and have a smooth startup process. The hardware you have will determine how easy your daily work is when running a small business. You need organization and the hardware needed will help you save money and time in the end.

1.   External Hard Drive

Given that most things are done online these days it’s important to have some kind of hard drive to store information in. External hard drives keep your business organized and your information in a secure place. You must invest in this type of equipment to maintain a successful running business online and physically.

This is especially beneficial for those who are afraid or don’t like to store information in the Cloud or directly on their computer’s hard drive. These are also used as back up for any accidents that may occur. You want to make sure you invest in security for theft cases.

2.   Desktop/Laptop Computer

Everyone has one these days and it is crucial for any business who wants to grow and thrive to have a designated computer system. Make sure to invest in the equipment that will last and that is reputable for businesses. Finding a computer or laptop won’t be hard due to the fact that they are sold everywhere, along with much technical equipment.

3.   Network Server

Network servers are highly important for fast and easy speeds and databases. You will have access to more storage capacity and higher security. For your business, you want to stay away from using your computers network server and get one that is specifically dedicated to your business only.

There are many options out there for you to choose from. Use the amount of space you need, security, and options you want for backups as criteria for your decision. Make sure to research thoroughly and work with specialists to help you choose one that fits for you.

4.   Mobile device

A mobile device is almost always necessary when running a business. There will be moments when you need to make professional calls and you don’t want to use your personal phone. Having a device that is specifically for your business helps with organization and professionality. From tablets to cellphones, its good to have a mobile device that you can take anywhere and handle business situations easily and conveniently. There are certain mobile devices that work for business purposes:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • CAT S41
  • Kyocera Brigadier
  • LG X
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • Apple iPad
  • Getac F110

If you are trying to decide if a physical location or an online store is best for your business, then consider contacting a financial advisor.

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