14 Black Web Designers You Should Hire To Build Your Website

Krystle Rowry black web designer

If you need some #blackgirlmagic sprinkled on your website then these are the girls to call.

As we all know, black women are extremely underrepresented in the world of tech on a corporate and business level. Although larger organizations are aware of this issue and are working to diversify the space, there is still a wide breadth of talented black web designers that still go unrecognized for the contributions that make in the space – especially on the design front. Well, Black women are tech creators — and good ones at that.

Black web designers deserve to be recognized and that is why we did our own reviews to spotlight some great black web designers to further showcase their talent! If you’re looking for someone to turn up the notch on your boring old site, then look no further! Here’s our curated list of talented tech women and black web designers who are serving it in the digital design world. We are all about connecting ambitious people with BAUCE women and this list does just that!

Top black web designers, you should hire for your next project:

1. Beautifuli Digital

black web designers

If you are in need of a design-obsessed web developer who can whip your site or web app together with quality and style, then Li is your girl. A passionate technologist, Li lives at the intersect of technology, design, and content creation. Her specialties include building jaw-dropping site experiences for busy working professionals, small businesses, e-commerce brands, and global brands.

With a background in digital marketing, Li does her web development work from a business lens as well and knows how to code with your end goal in mind. If you’re in need of a true web developer who can build custom sites from scratch, she is your girl.

She’s also currently offering 10% off web design services for black-owned businesses and brands!


2. Dana James Mwangi

danamwangi black web designers

With a little bit of sweat and tears, Dana was able to build her own web design company, Cheers Creative. With this company, she helps to build and brand start-up companies or any company looking to do some upgrading. With a BFA in graphic design from the University of Memphis, we’d say you should give this BAUCE a try.

Contact:@danajamesmwagi   Cheers Creative

3. Fatima Burke

fatima burke web design - black web designers

She does web design, and she does it well. Fatima has over 10 years of experience in the web design field. She strives to make design obtainable for everyone, across multiple platforms. She currently works for Root Magazine and Look Up Radio.

Contact: @MrsFatimaBurke   fatimaburke

4. Kendal Blake

kendal blake black web designers

Kendal Blake is a web designer who helps to create brand awareness through her designs.

Contact: @kendalblake  kendalblake

5. Laura Providence 

We first were introduced to Laura’s skillset when she launched her design lifestyle blog “The Native New Yawker” years ago and would do regular web design reviews on user-submitted sites. She has now stepped up her Indesign game and focuses on editorial design, but she also creates beautiful design templates for aspiring bloggers in need of social content.

Contact: providence studio

6. DonYe Taylor of The Digital Footprint

the digital footprint -  black web designers

DonYe is the young genius behind The Digital Footprint, a black-owned and millennial led creative agency specializing in social media strategy, content creation, and digital marketing. If you are in need of a 360 revamp or are a new brand looking to establish your total digital presence online (from site to social and marketing collateral), then check out her site.

Contact: @donyetaylor her website

7. Carmen Stacey

carmen stacey black web designers

With the use of objects and lines, Carmen really captivates her viewers. She is a graphic designer as well as an illustrator who is worth the follow.

Contact: @staycarm  carmenstacey

8. Kimberly of Blog Bohemian

Kimberly Luxe Blog Bohemian - black web designers

Kimberly Luxe is a blogger and graphic designer. She is a force when it comes to branding and creating awareness through creative organic campaigns. Her designs are bold and she recently launched a design template shop for bloggers.

Contact: blogbohemian

9. Krystle Rowry

krystle rowry - black web designers

Krystle Rowry of Kriss Did It is a web designer who’s use of color and shapes truly makes her work stand out from the rest. Her designs are elegant and empowering and she has done work for several top digital influencers including Issa Rae, Marie Forleo, the Food Heaven Made Easy team, and even Zim of Travel Noire to name a few. If you are in need of an industry expert in web design who has worked with top clientele, she’s your girl!

Contact: @krissdidit  krissdidit

10. Jordon Rosier

jordan rosier digital creative - black web designers

If you are in need of a talented creative that specializes in logo design for your website or app look no further. Jordon is a digital creative that has experience in communications, branding, and design for start-ups, corporate companies, and non-profits. Reach out to her if you are in need of some bomb digital designs for your site that can attract an audience and convert into sales!

Contact: website

11. Antonia Nabor

Antonia is a visual designer who’s work is award winning. She currently resides in the Gold Coast of Queensland.

Contact: velvetant

12. Tiffany Tolliver

tiffany tolliver - black web designers

If you’re in need of a branding dynamo who knows everything from digital marketing to web strategy, then Tiffany of the Emma Rose agency is your girl. She works mostly with entrepreneurs on a higher-end budget in need of improving their entire online presence, but her deliverables include everything from a social media audit, Wix websites, creative photoshoots, and business cards. 

Contact: @theemmaroseagency

13. Brittany Antoinette of The Idea Girl

The Idea Girl Co branding services

If you are in need of a brand refresh, Brittany is your girl. With a strong expertise in branding and design consulting, Brittany loves working with women-owned businesses and provides a range of services from brand strategy, product development, e-commerce design to social media management. If you are in need of a dedicated full-service agency for all your digital touchpoints, then don’t hesitate to reach out to her.

Contact: Instagram website

14. Jasmine “Bobby” Oliver

Web design and creating content was the material used to fill the void that had been longing in Jasmine’s life. Her work is expressive and a great example of a BAUCE woman on her grind. Her work is worth a look!

Contact: vyrlcodesign




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