6 Things Your Business Absolutely Needs to Thrive in 2020

As a business owner, it’s incredibly important to equip your business with the right tools to get your to-do list done and dusted. There’s a lot of tasks you’ll be in charge of for your business including promoting your company, hiring new employees, and growing your profits. But do you know what it takes to get your business from ordinary to extraordinary? Well, we’ve got your back.

Workers’ Comp Management Services

If you’re not ready to deal with workers’ comp claims, there are plenty of places you can get access to Workers’ Comp management services.  This type of service allows you to better manage Workers’ Compensation claims. In addition, it allows business owners to increase their own productivity, lower the cost of claims, ensure compliance with various regulations, and help guide you toward better claims outcomes. These days companies are providing more claims resources, like with body shop estimating guides, so it’s important to stay on the cusp of whatever industry you’re working in.

HR Software

As a business owner, there are multiple priorities that are pulling you in many different directions. It can be extremely difficult keeping track of payroll, benefits, training, and other HR-related aspects of business. If your company isn’t big enough to have a full-time recruiter in house but you still need to hire awesome new team members, one solution is to rely on HR software that can automate much of the process for you.

HR software can help you with compliance, reporting, interviews, assessments, employer branding, and candidate sourcing. It’s a great resource to use if you don’t want to commit to hiring an in-house recruiter.

Customer Management Software (CRM)

Customer Management Software can offer you tons of features you can’t get elsewhere. For example, you can get a visual sales pipelines, follow-up prompts, email tracking, and apps to better track your sales contacts. There are plenty of ways to better manage prospects and turn a lead into a customer.

Screening Software for Potential Employees

If you run a small business, it’s imperative that you properly screen applicants who want to work for your company. Although we always want to think the best of people, even the nicest-seeming job applicants can have a troubling past that raises red flags. However, with proper employee screening, you can immediately filter out bad eggs who have a serious criminal history. Let’s dive into another scenario where screening might be able to help you out.

Let’s say that you’re advertising for an executive financial position. It’s important to hire someone with a history of sound financial decisions. If a background screening reveals a potential employee has a poor credit score in addition to major debts and bankruptcies, that could suggest financial instability and irresponsibility. You would pass over that person due to their negligent behavior.

It's time to BAUCE up, sis!

With that said, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re using a screening service that is FCRA compliant.

Messaging System for Employees and Clients

One of the best messaging systems available for businesses today is Slack. Instead of relying on the formality of emails, you can communicate with teams, departments, individuals, and even clients with an instant message. You can use Slack however you see fit, such as setting up channels for particular discussions or sharing files. You can even share a “taco” with an employee for doing a good job on a project or pitch.

Outsourcing Platforms

Although it’s great to have an in-house team for everything, it’s not always possible. If you are getting close to a deadline but your bandwidth is taken up by other projects, it might benefit you to look to freelance sites like Upwork to fill in the gaps. While it might not be a permanent solution to personnel gaps, it can provide a serious boost or help you when the 11th hour comes around and you’re staring at a hard deadline with serious trepidation.


If you’re a small business owner, it’s overwhelming figuring out all the different tasks you have to accomplish and do. After all, you have to run your business, hire new people, communicate with potential customers, and finish all your work by your deadlines. However, you can take advantage of different kinds of software to make the most of your limited time. With this article in hand, you can create a powerful, successful company full of competent team members

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