Is Working As A Freelance Writer Online Worth the Effort?

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Many people aspire to become freelance writers — but not everything that glitters is gold.

Many people aspire to become freelance writers. In love with the idea of having a creative career that affords a person the flexibility of schedule and the ability to work from wherever in the world they desire, more and more people are firing up Microsoft Word and trying their hand at writing.

Unfortunately, with all of the perks that this line of work allows, there is also a dark side to becoming a freelance writer online. The field is notoriously competitive and writers are consistently heard to be complaining about the low rates on offer from potential clients. Worst still, many businesses want written content yet do not appear to see the value in hiring professional writers and so they request that work is done in exchange for “exposure” or claiming that they do not have a budget. Considering all of these frustrations and negative aspects, is working as a freelance writer online worth the effort?

Once You Build a Portfolio, Your Success Will Increase  

If you try to break into the field of freelance writing with no prior experience under your belt and no writing portfolio to demonstrate to potential clients then, of course, you are going to encounter problems and find it challenging to secure clients. After all, how can they be sure that they are investing in someone with good writing skills? Once you have been published in a few places, however, or you at the very least have a professional looking blog that demonstrates your writing abilities, you will not struggle to secure work contracts.

Consult an Essay Writing Service to Improve

Of course, the idea of writing for students as a writer in an essay service online crossed our minds as a way to improve your writing experience as an expert in your field. Perhaps you aspire to be a freelance writer and you have a firm command of the English language in its written form but you just cannot seem to create content that flows naturally and engages readers. In this case, you could try to work as a writer in an essay writing service similar to this onе. Doing so gives you the opportunity to learn and practice how to create compelling content. On top of that, it can also be a chance to start off your online writing career on the right foot due to having a well-established environment to learn from.

Even if it sounds rather simplistic at first, choosing to explore this option can provide you the means to build up a portfolio, which can be used later for your independent projects as a point of reference, by gaining hands-on experience from working with clients.

Writers Are Important Now More Than Ever

With the rise of the internet over the past decade and more people looking online for content, writers are more important than ever. Why? Because if you can nail the technical aspects of writing such as writing for SEO so that your articles rank highly in Google then you can earn a pretty penny. Some people today argue that SEO algorithms are destroying the creative soul of writing; however, for those that are able to teach themselves SEO techniques, there is a lot of money to be made in this industry. Afterall, content that ranks well in Google not only brings in traffic, it brings in the potential for profit. This profit can be made by the person that owns the website in question through affiliate marketing, banner advertisements, and sponsored content. As such, if a Writer can hone and prove these skills, they can demand up to hundreds of dollars per article.

The Pay Can Be Competitive

If you manage to become an expert in a particular niche, the pay can become incredibly competitive. In certain niches such as business, digital marketing or travel, experienced writers are charging their clients as much as $1 per word. Expert Writers are able to charge their clients much more because nobody else can offer quite what they can. As an example, a general Food Writer will be in demand, but a Food Writer that has lived and studied in France and witnessed the traditional cooking methods first hand can earn much more because they have a USP (unique selling point) that their competition does not have.

Freelance Platforms Exist to Help People

The difficulty in becoming a freelance writer online is not just restricted to the act of searching for appropriate clients and crafting pitches. The other challenge to being freelance is that all responsibilities lay with you. You are completely alone in your professional endeavors. If you were employed by a professional company, you would have certain rights that protect you and a Human Resources department that acts with your best interests in mind. When you are freelance, however, none of that exists. As a freelance writer, you may find yourself perpetually chasing up invoice payments from clients or potentially having to deal with clients that are fussy and difficult to work with.

Fortunately, freelance platforms such as Upwork and People Per Hour exist to help freelancers find work. They get a bad reputation sometimes for taking a percentage cut of a freelancer’s earnings however the benefit of working through a platform like this is that escrow accounts and mediation services provided by the platform ensure that both parties are protected.

You Can Earn Passive Income

When you think about working as a Freelance Writer online, you probably think about producing thousands of words every day for third parties and earning a small sum in return. However, if you decide to set up and manage your own blog, and you persevere with blogging, you can make a nice amount of passive income every month through blogging through selling advertisement space on your site and working with businesses as an affiliate partner. Some freelance writers make six figures every year this way.

You Can Become Well Respected in Your Field

Perhaps you have established that your niche as a Freelance Writer is going to be digital marketing. Maybe you have a professional qualification or background in marketing and you have produced a number of articles for various publications on the topic. As a Writer with a strong presence in your niche, you can try guest posting for high profile sites. As an example, a business writer that guest posts occasionally for sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur or Inc are automatically seen to be a more knowledgeable and trustworthy person in their field.

Guest post opportunities on authoritative sites such as those mentioned above are often unpaid but certainly, add to your repertoire. Creating an online presence also increases the number of times that people reach out to you directly and ask you to work for them, as opposed to you having to spend a long time searching for clients and writing persuasive cover letters.

The Freedom of Being Self Employed is Worth it

If you work as a Writer that is employed by a particular magazine or publication, you may thoroughly enjoy your work, however, you still have all of the trappings of a traditional office job. When you are freelance, your schedule and your life are yours to manage. If you want to work a little longer several days of the week so that you can take a random Wednesday off to run errands or lounge at the beach then you absolutely can do that. If you want to work from your home office in your sweatpants or you want to work from a balcony in Spain, the choice is yours, since you are the sole decision maker for your business endeavors.

Becoming a freelance writer can definitely sound like a risky choice to take, however with a little research into the market you intend to break into, confidence in your abilities, and effort in polishing up your writing skills and consulting an essay writing service to ensure that you are the greatest wordsmith that you can be, you can easily make a comfortable and sustainable income this way.

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