Working Hard? It’s Time To Play Harder

Live a little.

Everyone’s so focused on work all of the time. So much so, that it can actually become life-consuming. We all have that one friend who is constantly canceling on us because ‘they’re working’. In our opinion, this is a rubbish life to lead. If you work hard, you’ve got to play harder, and the play part it something that people seem to be forgetting a lot lately. So, we want to try to unleash the fun side of a few of you.

We want to know if you can have just as much fun outside of work, as you seem to find yourself having inside of work. That must be why you work so much, right? Because you find work so fun? Wrong, it’s because we’re so overworked by our boss or companies, and now it’s time for a break. So, have a read of the fun ideas we have below and see if any of them catch your eye.

Travel The World In Style

If you want to play hard, what better way than to be able to travel the world. Travelling is one of the biggest blessings to us. It gives us the chance to let our hair down, see new countries, and experience things that we just wouldn’t be able to experience if we were to be trapped in an office. But to truly travel in style, you have to push the boat out a little. Luxury travel involves things like private jets, private taxis, yachts, and anything else you can think of that you might want to experience. Of course, some of these might be out of your reach, but some of them you may be able to enjoy as a one-off experience. If you are going to go traveling, make sure you hit some of the most luxurious locations. You’ve got places such as the Dominican Republic, and the islands of Bora Bora that are just waiting to be explored.

Thrill Seeking

What a way to take your mind off work, than to fill it with something completely insane. Some of you may be thrill seekers, some of you might not be, but what we do know is that it’ll give you an experience like no other. The ultimate thrill seek has to be skydiving. Whilst it might sound crazy to some of you, it’s another person’s dream. It isn’t too expensive to do, but you will need to book in advance and have some training before you do it. The idea of free-falling out of the sky is enough to make anyone’s heart drops, so go for something a little more lighthearted, like a bungee jump, if you feel like this is too much for you.

Quality Time

Just because we’re saying to play hard, it doesn’t mean that you have to be here, there, and everywhere. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and enjoy the time you’re having away from work with the people you love the most. Whether it be a nice weekend away with your partner, or a girly sleepover with your friends. It’s important to have some quality time in your downtime.


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