7 Skincare Tips That Will Keep Your Skin Moist All Winter

Your skin deserves to be loved.

Winter: it brings all the merry and cheer of the holidays, but one gift we do not want to see under the Christmas tree is dry skin. From the gusts of polar wind to the icy temperature sucking all the water from the air, some winter days it can feel like there’s just no catching a break.

This cold season, let’s change it up. Try out these seven dry-skin slaying tips to ensure that your skin is soft, silky, smooth, and moist all winter long.

Keep lotion on-hand

A solid moisturizing hand lotion is always your best friend, but in the dead of winter, it can become a lifeline. However, you may not know that not all moisturizers are equal. While some will provide hours upon hours of nourishment to the skin, others can actually dry you out in the long run.

One nasty ingredient to look out for when shopping for this winter’s go-to cream is mineral oil. This naughty little additive is actually made from petroleum – you know, the stuff you put in your car. When was the last time you rubbed gas on your hands for moisture? Yeah. Thought so. Ditch any moisturizer that has a mineral oil base in favor of one that has something natural, like shea butter or coconut oil.

Opt-out of over-fragrance

Sure, it’s nice to smell like a winter wonderland, but if you’re trying to keep dry skin from building up inside those mittens, fragrance just isn’t your friend. Fragrances may smell as natural and clean as a summer day but trust us – they pack in more than daisies. Subtle scents are okay, but your eyes will pop when you read the ingredients of perfumed lotions. With tons of artificial ingredients that can have your skin flaking off like a croissant, it’s best to swipe left on any bottle boasting its perfumed scent.

Keep it au naturel

How do you avoid those nasty fake ingredients? Just keep it simple. When you’re looking to boost your moisture this winter, find ingredients that sound like something you’d eat. Coconut oil, floral essences, and natural cocoa are all excellent options. CBD skincare is also a growing trend right now and can offer tons of benefits like stress reduction and natural calming properties.

Drink plenty of water

Wait – did you say drink plenty of water? That’s right, I did. Just like happiness, all true body moisture comes from inside. A trusty lotion can help your skin lock that in, but in order to keep pumping H20 into your tried-out fingers and toes, you’ll need to keep a healthy stock of the stuff inside. Be sure you are hydrating 24/7 for the best results.

Luckily, there are plenty of trendy reusable water bottles that you can get online so you can complement your look while staying hydrated. Pro tip:If it’s too cold for an icy bottle of water, opt for herbal tea as a warm and cozy option.

Keep an eye on your diet

Did you know that some foods can have a serious effect on your skin? Sure, that third night in a row of Papa Johns may sound tempting, but all that grease has to go somewhere. Too much salt in your diet can actually dehydrate you and dry out your skin, and too much oil can lead to breakouts – which is a whole problem unto itself.

Opting for healthier options like plenty of fruits and veggies, along with healthy fats like avocado and other vegetable fats, can be a great choice. Plus, choosing a plant-based diet can do wonders for your skin, so it might be a good idea to ditch all that unhealthy meat and dairy.

table full of fruits and vegetables


Exercise isn’t just good for your figure – it’s also great for skincare. Why is that? With the right routine, you get your blood pumping. That means that your body is sending much-needed life-giving blood to all corners of your body, including your skin. Having that nourishing serum coursing through your veins means that less skin will die and dry out – perfect for staying nice and moist.

Treat yourself to a bath

At the end of a long and cold walk through the snow, getting into a warm bath can be the best feeling in the world. Luckily, it’s also great for your skin! Soak in all that moisture and add a luxurious bath bomb to really make your bath special. You’ve earned it.

This winter, stave off all that flaky dry skin by keeping these seven tips in mind!

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