Winterize Your Skin

Finally, we’ve gotten some snow on the ground in the northeast!  And while we’ve had a mild winter thus far, it’s looking as though Mother Nature may have a few things up her sleeve. As we prepare for the harsh weather, lower humidity levels and extreme temperatures of the season, we must not neglect our skin! In order to maintain that smooth and moisturized glow for the upcoming skin-baring season of summer it is critical to protect and nourish your skin during the winter season.

From the change in temperature to the hot showers that we all indulge in during these frigid months, we are constantly losing natural oils and moisture from the skin. Follow these tips below to avoid cracking and itchy skin from plaguing you this winter.

1) Cleanse and Exfoliate! – During this season, be sure to exfoliate with a loofah or bristle brush in order to boost healthier and smoother skin. Also, switch to a gentle cleanser, preferably a soothing gel or cream, which will nourish as it cleanses.

2) Shorten Showering Time! – As mentioned earlier, hot showers/baths can remove important oils from the body, and it is important to shorten your bathing time and use lukewarm water instead. Another quick tip, if taking a bath, add almond or sesame oil to restore the natural oils you are losing, leaving your skin soft and supple.

3) Moisturize! – While the skin is still moist from your shower/bath, apply your moisturizer immediately as damp skin traps the moisture in the upper layers decreasing dryness and itching. Add a heavy moisturizer to your regime that you can use to dab on problem areas to seal in the moisture and heal dry skin.

4) Invest in a Humidifier! – Lower humidity levels during the winter can lead to dry skin and chapped lips. To add moisture to your home and prevent these harsh consequences from the lack of humidity, look no further and invest in a humidifier.

Cheaper alternative: Place a bucket of water in front of or on top of a radiator. The warm air from the furnace will heat the water, which will release moisture into the air. A large pot of water can also be boiled on a stovetop to release steam into the air.

5) Wear SPF! – Sunscreen isn’t only for the summer. Even during the winter our skin is exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can cause photoaging, also known as premature aging of the skin.

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