What To Do About Your Sex Life When You’re Stuck In Isolation

If we’re all following the advice of the world’s doctors and health experts, as we should be, then none of us are going to be dating or seeing any partners that don’t live with us for some time. Loneliness is a big challenge for many people during this time, but so is the lack of intimacy. So, what can you do about your sex life during isolation?

Be your own best friend

Let’s not be coy about it, there are ways to spice up your sex life even when you’re alone; it is natural to have multiple orgasms too. When it comes to self-pleasure, there are a lot of women who have never really done it or never been able to satisfy themselves when doing it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you may be able to look at some online guides that can teach you how to better explore your body, and even recommend some tools that can help you get there all the more easily.

Get expressive

Have an imagination that can get wild at times? Why not put it to good use? If you consider yourself a dab hand with a pen or a keyboard, then there are plenty of erotic literature websites where you can write your own sexy scenarios, whether they’re about you or about characters conjured up from your imagination. The written word is a fun and safe way to explore all sorts of fantasies and, even if you don’t want to share your stories, you can still have fun reading those by others and fuelling your own imagination.

Be vocal about it

For some people, text alone is a little too impersonal. They need that extra connection, that layer of sensory stimulation to help them feel really intimate. Phone sex is as old as the hills, nowadays, and if you have a willing partner, it can be a fun new way to try getting intimate. If you don’t, then there are plenty of chatline dating numbers that can help you connect to likeminded people, whether you just want to be flirty, have a casual chat, or get into the naughtier side of things. Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to feel less lonely.

Show, don’t tell

The question of nudes is always one that gets a lot of serious consideration. It is important to know the risk of sending nudes if you’re ever feeling that urge. However, there are other ways to involve a little visual element into your long-distance loving with your partner, as well. You can just as easily send each other videos and pictures that don’t involve you, if you’re a little camera shy but help feed into the fantasy, all the same. Your safety and security should be priority number one, so be firm if someone tries to cross those boundaries.

Simply put, it’s important to learn to take care of yourself one way or another, whether you go it solo or with the help of a partner. It’s better to do it that way than risk going out in the world during a pandemic.

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