How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Intimacy is one of the key components of a healthy relationship. It is true that communication, infatuation and appreciation for your significant other have their time and place, but the physicality can sometimes be the make-it or break-it factor in any partnership. So, when that intimacy is lacking and it seems as though the relationship may be coming to an end, here are a few tips for women who want to salvage the situation and spice up the sex life.

Have Fun With Your Man

Most males have an ‘athletes’ mind-set and with that comes an opportunity to show him that you can be on his level. Another way to rev things up is to be physical outdoors. A woman who is willing to play touch football or play baseball with her manly man is earning kudos points and turning him on at the same time (especially since it is a rare things for him to experience). The touching and physical contact will definitely heat things up. (Of course, this can certainly lead to a “quickie” in the outdoors, which is a bonus for both you and him).

black-couple-bed-with-fruit-e1360953636741Cook With Affection

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that saying speaks volume. The best way to lighten up the mood is to surprise him with a candlelit dinner. Consider making the reservation on a whim and pick him up from work. This is a monumental move to play since men are accustomed to figure out the arrangements. On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to cook him a nice dinner to show your affection for him. It’s sexy and cost-effective at the same time. Besides, every man loves a woman who can ‘throw-down’ in the kitchen.

 Rescue With Relaxation

A bubble bath is a calming mechanism for both the mind and body. Even though it’s normally a thing for the gals, a guy can definitely benefit from some relaxation. Set a warm bath with essential oils, lavender and bergamot and join him in a comforting experience. reports that Epsom salt bath helps greatly, as the magnesium and sulfate stimulate the major points of the body and brain as well as detoxifies.

Touch His Body

Another option is to entice his sexual intellect with a long and stimulating massage. You can whisper sweet things in his ear and make yourself in charge of the show. Play the right games. Take it up a notch with some naughty games. Sure, they say tricks are for kids, but the right ones can heighten the sex drive between two adults.

Talk To Your Man During Sex

Even though the guys say that there’s not about the talking during sex, communication is definitely important when stepping up the sex life. The way in which you tell him how you like a position, where you want it and how well he’s doing it is an ego booster, and the experience will only get better for you. Don’t be afraid to explore and try to use accessories, this will help you set the mood and level up your intimate moments together. No need to discuss your schedule or life goals because this is not the time for that. Instead, just keep the talking at a minimum: short and sweet.

Cosmopolitan also offers some fun and flirty games to create an unforgettable experience:

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Set the timer for seven minutes, find a small room or closet and make sure you show your man how much you appreciate him before the time is up.
Strip-Pong: It’s like beer pong with a twist. You each stand on opposite directions of beer pong table, and with every score, someone else has to remove a piece of clothing.
20 Naughty Questions: Take some inspiration from 50 Cent and ask those questions. Of course, they should only be about his sexual fantasies and kinky interests.

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