5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Savannah

old victorian home in savannah georgia

Savannah, Georgia is arguably one of the south’s and even the country’s most beautiful cities, and it’s rich in culture and history.

Savannah, Georgia is arguably one of the south’s and even the country’s most beautiful cities, and it’s rich in culture and history. This diverse city has beaches, beautiful mansions, wonderful food, and quiet suburbs.

For some people, because of the coronavirus and particularly its effects in bigger cities, you might look for somewhere to move where you’ll have more inherent social distancing and there are parts of Savannah that could offer that.

You might even get paid to move there. The Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), created a program to reimburse tech workers up to $2,000 of their moving expenses if they move there.

The city and the state of Georgia, also have a relatively low cost of living.

If it’s something you’re considering, what should you know about a potential move to Savannah?

The Costs

Again, Savannah is an affordable place to live, and the property tax rate is only 0.928%, which puts it under what you’ll find in many places around the country. Georgia does have a state income tax that’s 5.75%, but this is lower than in Louisiana and South Carolina. It is higher than some other states though, like Alabama and Tennessee, which has no state income tax.

Overall, the basic expenses are going to be less than what you might find elsewhere including housing, groceries, and transportation. The Economic Policy Institute estimates for a family of four you might expect your monthly costs to be just over $1000 for housing, $989 for childcare, and $785 for groceries.

Just under half of the population in Savannah rents, and the median rental listing price is $1,400. The median home price is $134,600, so you may find that it makes more financial sense to buy.

The further inland you go the cheaper houses usually are but the homes closer to the coast tend to be more expensive.

The Neighborhoods

Savannah is very spread out and large, and the different neighborhoods can feel worlds apart from one another.

The downtown and midtown area is probably what you think of when you think of the city. This is the most urban area, and you can walk to restaurants and shops. This is also where most of the historic buildings are located.

The southside of Savannah is more suburban, and you’ll see more malls and chain shops and restaurants.

The westside offers affordability in terms of housing, and Richmond Hill has deep water boat access.

Then, if you have the money, there are the islands east of downtown.

Savannah is a city on the river, and when you’re in the downtown area, it’s very artsy.

The city was founded in 1733 and some buildings are almost 300 years old. The city originally had 24 squares, and 22 of those are still there.

buildings and trees in savannah

The Weather

You are going to get great weather in Savannah, and it can be a welcome reprieve from colder northern climates. In the middle of winter, the temperature is usually in the 50s and sometimes even warmer.

The climate is subtropical, and while that can make for nice weather most of the time, the summer can be humid and brutal.

The Food

Savannah is known for its rich history and culture, and much of that translates to the food. If you’re a foodie you probably won’t tire easily of life in Savannah.

You can find everything from seafood dives close to the coast to 5-star eateries. There are also sidewalk cafes and places where people gather that will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

The Beaches

Savannah can offer so much, including the beautiful architecture and urban feel of downtown, combined with coastal landscapes.

Tybee Island is around a half-hour from the city, and it’s a traditional southern beach town. There’s a fishing pier, and there are several beaches on the island itself as well as many hotels and vacation rental properties.

There’s also Little Tybee Island, which is an uninhabited nature reserve open to the public. You can take a charter boat service there, or you can kayak over from Back Bay Beach.

Nearby is also Hilton Head. It’s around 45 minutes away, over the South Carolina-Georgia State Line.

Hilton Head is often ranked as one of the best family travel destinations in the country.

Savannah is eclectic, inexpensive and can offer a lot to someone who wants to relocate to this historic southern town. There is quite literally something for everyone here.

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