These Are The Three Best Affordable US Cities to Live In

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Choosing where you’d like to live is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make in life. Most people move around to a few different places in their life time as their circumstances change. If you’re just starting out, it is likely that one of your top priorities will be finding somewhere that is affordable, preferably without having to make too many sacrifices in terms of quality of life. Here, we run through our top three choices of affordable US cities and what else makes them appealing.

Buffalo, New York

Many people dream of living and working in New York as a result of its use as a setting in so many film and television productions, which paint it as a visually striking, cosmopolitan arena of opportunity. However, New York prices are world-renowned for being vastly unaffordable to the majority due to its popularity. Alas, we have found a solution in the form of Buffalo, an area just outside of central New York. You would only have a twenty-minute commute to the center, yet housing prices are below average. There are plenty of local attractions too and there is even a range of attractive schools if you’re thinking of having children soon. Lastly, one of the key appealing features of the area is that it does not have the typical signs of deprivation that you’d often find in areas with such affordable housing.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is another city that features a lot in popular culture, this time due to its rich musical history. The cost of living in Memphis is fourteen percent lower than the national average as well as being part of a state which has some of the lowest tax rates in the US. Furthermore, it has a reputation for offering some unbeatable mortgage rates. If you’re looking for help with short term expenses, take a look at GoBear. Memphis is a city perfect for first time buyers looking for a place to save money that also has a fantastic culture.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Famous Las Vegas! Who knew this would make the cut as one of the most affordable cities to live in in the US? Las Vegas, as well as being a party capital is located in the Nevada desert so temperatures can soar. However, as long as you don’t mind those features it is also a really affordable place to live. Living costs are much lower than national averages for example utilities, transport, and grocery costs plus, there is no sales tax in Nevada which will really help you to save money. Thanks to the fact that it is one of the most significant entertainment capitals of the world, it is also well looked after which is a real bonus.

Buffalo, Memphis and Las Vegas would all make fantastic choices when it comes to affordable places to live, without you having to sacrifice your quality of life. With great schools, attractions, and culture as well as low living costs and tax rates, these are no-brainer options. For more tips on how to make financially sensible life choices, take a look at this post on BAUCE.

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