These Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Will Help You Relax and Feel Your Best

As any career-driven woman knows, sometimes you just need to find a way to escape the stresses of your work life.

At the end of a long week of work, there is nothing better than taking the time to treat yourself. As any career-driven woman knows, sometimes you just need to find a way to escape the stresses of your work life.

Whether you’re pushing yourself to get to the top or struggling to find a good work-life balance, finding a way to relax in the evening or on the weekends is necessary. Taking a much-needed break from work can rejuvenate you and leave you ready to keep climbing that corporate ladder.

For many women, the act of getting a massage is just what they need to help relax their muscles at the end of the long week.

Benefits of a massage

The pampering treat of a massage comes with several benefits. Loosening your muscles and tendons helps reduce stress, increase your circulation, and reduces stiffness. A good massage can also help reduce pain, reduce swelling, and improve your flexibility.

Massages can also help flush toxins out of our muscles and lymphatic systems. This can help improve your immune system and help you stay healthy.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your massage. This can help further flush toxins out. 

Types of massages

There are over 80 styles of massages and it can be hard to narrow down what type of massage you should get.

One of the most popular types of massages is the deep tissue massage, where pressure and strokes are used to relieve the tension in the deepest layers of our muscles.

For those that aren’t quite ready for the intensity of a deep tissue massage, a Swedish massage is a good alternative. A Swedish massage uses kneading and circular motions to help with muscle knots.

Deep tissue massages and Swedish massages are particularly good for those trying to reduce the symptoms of pain. For those that are looking to relax, a hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, or a chair massage might be for you.

 All three of these types of massages focus on gentle pressure.

In a hot stone massage, heated stones are used to massage different parts of your body. In an aromatherapy massage, you receive a full-body massage while inhaling essential oils. And with a chair massage, a specially designed chair uses light pressure to provide a quick message to the tense muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Home massage or salon massage

There are certain ways to give yourself a massage at home—which leads to the question, should you give yourself a DIY massage or go to a professional at a salon?

The answer to this depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to get out of the house and have the money, going to a professional can be a nice treat.  If you’re looking for a quick way to relax at the end of a long week but don’t really feel like spending money to visit a salon, then there are ways to treat yourself right at home.

Ways to treat yourself at home

Finding ways to give your massage at home is quite easy. In fact, you can give yourself a quick massage by simply repeatedly giving yourself a tight hug—start by putting the pressure up by your shoulders, release, and then slowly work your way down your arms.

If you’re going to routinely be giving yourself your own massage, take the time to learn about the various pressure points throughout your body and what massage techniques should be used on each point.

There are also certain products, such as massage roller sticks or handheld massagers, that can be used to relieve muscle pains. Some people find that simply dipping their feet into a foot bath helps to relieve tension and swelling in their feet and ankles.

Those that are looking for a truly relaxing experience might want to invest in a zero gravity massage chair.

The same type of massage chairs used in salons can also be purchased for home use. While these chairs are bulky, many people like them because they provide salon-quality massages. If you’re interested in buying one, there are many quality options that you’ll love.

Next time you feel the tension in your shoulders, find a way to work through those muscle knots! No matter if you’re receiving a massage from the comfort of your own home or if you’re visiting a salon, ending the week with a relaxing massage is a good way to escape the stresses of your busy work week.

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