4 Things In Life That Women Waste The Most Money On

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As a millennial woman, I will be the first to admit that I spend money on the most unimportant things!

Women love to spend money. That’s always been the narrative, right? As a millennial woman, I will be the first to admit that I spend money on the most unimportant things! I did some deep researching to see what my fellow millennial sisters spend their money on the most in a month and the results blew my mind. What we’re spending money on every month, there’s an easy solution to these problems. Here are the top four things that women spend money on (and the solutions to fix it!) I hope these help you and your coins!

1. Gym/fitness subscriptions

Most gym memberships are $10-$110 per month. So you’re most likely paying $120-$1,320 a year even if you aren’t at the gym every day! Here’s a simple fix: grab a friend or colleague who can accompany you for a run in the park or around your city. Another fix to this problem would be: working out at home. There are tons of free fitness apps and videos on YouTube! Here’s a list of black fitness gurus that can help you lose those pounds at home.

2. Snacks/lunch

A majority of us are always on the go, whether we’re working or hanging with friends. Obviously, we get hungry and decide to grab something quick to eat; whether it’s a $5 McDonald’s meal, $3 corner store snacks, or a $30 lunch outing. One easy way to fix your snack problem would be to pack a snack pack. Buy your favorite snacks in bulk, fill a medium lunch bag with your daily snack cravings, and keep it in your car or desk. Bringing leftovers for lunch or simply packing a lunch from home can easily save you $25. Tell your homegirl to bring her lunch from home and grab a seat in the park to enjoy all of your lunch breaks without having to stand in those long lunch rush lines!

3. Coffee

Obviously, this is one thing we spend our money on daily! A typical cup of coffee is about $6. That’s $42 a week, $186 a month, $2,190 a year. The best fix for my coffee lovers would be to invest in a Keurig coffee maker. Keurig has a bundle pack made up of a coffee maker, filters, creamers, and coffee/tea for only $90. With that purchase alone, you’ve chopped your monthly coffee budget by half!

4. Manicures/pedicures/eyebrow maintenance

Most ladies are getting manis and pedis about twice a month and their brows shaped once a month. Most manicures are about $20-$45, pedicures are about $25-$65, and eyebrows can be $8-$20. We spend about $40-$120 on nail care once a month. Here’s the fix: purchase a mani/pedi kit from your local beauty supply store and groom your nails at home. You can even purchase your favorite nail polish for $5 and it’ll last way longer than the nail salon because it’s yours forever! Now with brows, you can purchase a brow razor from your beauty supply for $0.99 and clean up those random hairs around your brow. (There are tons of tutorials on YouTube).

I hope these fixes help save your coins so we can spend money on things that we need such as rent and bills or even investments!

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