The Best Accessory Ideas For A Fashion Lover That Won’t Break The Bank

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Following fashion can not only be fleeting, it can also be an expensive pastime to keep up with. Trying to make sure you are ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and fads can be a full-time challenge but this year things could be a little easier.

Those who are in the know and have a say in such things have decided to take it a little easier on us mere mortals in 2021. 

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that for the past 18 months we have struggled to cope with the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, or just the way the trend cycle moves, but this year’s stylish accessories and outfits are leaning towards comfort and functionality.

This is great when it comes to trying to keep up with fashions without having to commit to designs that are perhaps more form over function. This year there are plenty of exciting fashion accessories that will make your overall outfit choices sing while also making sure you don’t max out your credit card.

Bib Collars

As far as accessories that look far fancier than their price-tag, we are loving bib collars right now. When worn with the right top they really do add an entirely new dimension to your outfit and these are super cute but also elegant enough for both work and play. A nice preppy look will be set off to perfection with a great bib collar.

Personalized Jewelry

A nice piece of understated jewelry doesn’t need to cost the earth and a great way of being both sartorially on point, and making a statement, is a great initial necklace, like these here, and these are all the rage right now. Celebrities are wearing these left, right and center and you can get these in stylish designs of all types, ranging from pricey gemstone laced items to unpretentious, but effective, simple affairs. 

Platform Sandals and Slides

Again in line with the relaxed vibe and well and truly ideal for the scorching summer, a pair of platform sandals or stylish slides are the order of the day. A good pair will be comfortable, versatile and practical. Clearly they also need to be smoking hot too and ideally with a flash of class to them. We’d recommend a chunky leather platform for the work look and consider nice creamy slides for a walk around town. These get our seal of approval and are less cumbersome than clogs (Which appear to be once again a thing).

Rectangular Sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses need not break your bank. You can get great deals online and you need not look towards the big showy brands, not when you can get the same look with more bespoke choices. The trend this summer is for oversized frames and if you can pair this with a nice tint then that adds a little dash of playfulness into the mix.

Link-Chain Necklace

Chains are everywhere and the chunkier the better. Again the cost can be kept down if you don’t push for carats and instead look to keep it simple but effective. These are great for evening wear but also add a certain calculated grace to office attire. Here, more is very much less, don’t be afraid to be seen.

Macrame Bucket Bag

These are so fun and carefree and though this item won’t go with every outfit it’s a sure fire hit when it comes to those who leave home in a rush. These have a touch of the bo-ho look and nicely converge the style and substance you should always be looking for from a good accessory. Very much in line with the 90s retro look that has made a roaring comeback.

Silk Scarves

You probably won’t walk more than a few meters down the street without noticing a silk scarf or two. They are very much the most popular fashion accessory for 2021 and the good news is that you can get a range of these without it making a dent in your wallet. Get your hands on a nice range, from printed to plain as well. You can choose to wear these to keep your hair in check or as a top (if you are feeling confident enough), you can even use them to pull off your best Audrey Hepburn look.  


Yes. You read that correctly. Scrunchies. Another 90s throwback and one that is very good from the perspective of price. This is 2021 once again showing that fashion can be fun, and not pretentious. Go as colorful as possible and wear them as you wish, either as a way to tame your hair or to make a fresh look out of your current hairstyle.

Pearl Choker

Pearls are having quite an impact in 2021 and the good news is that getting hold of a nice accessory in this line doesn’t have to be hugely expensive. Pearls are everywhere right now but our favorite use would be a nice pearl choker. These can be worn with a high-end look or with a nice pair of jeans and a crop top, they really are that flexible.

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