Spring 2021 Fashion Trends: Your Ultimate Guide

Spring fashion 2021 trends

Spring is fast approaching; it’s almost time to step outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. But, before you do that, your wardrobe might need seeing to. Regardless of your style or preference, understanding the latest spring fashion trends is essential. In case you’re not sure where to start, here’s your ultimate guide to the fashion trends to look out for this spring.

Black Face Masks

Although you want to look your best this spring, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, meaning keeping safe is crucial. Black face masks are one of the trending pieces on 2021’s spring fashion agenda. Black masks will complement any outfit, making it simple to switch from day tonight.

While PPE certainly doesn’t need to be fashionable, there’s no harm in protecting your health and looking great at the same time!


Headscarves are back and better than ever before! You will frequently find headscarves mentioned when searching for spring 2021 fashion trends. If it gets pretty windy, headscarves will not only add class to your outfit but will also protect your hair. It’s best to opt for a light silky design that won’t feel uncomfortable on your head for hours on end.

Headscarves are popular due to being so versatile. You can take inspiration from 1960s fashion by covering your hair and tying it under your chin. Alternatively, you can slightly expose your hair by tying the scarf at the back of your head. 

Yellow Bags

You won’t just find them on the runways – yellow bags have taken over the streets, too. Black used to be the colour that blends in with other outfits, and yes, you can’t go wrong with a black-coloured outfit or accessory. However, if you are looking to flow with new trends this spring, get yourself a yellow clutch. 

The great thing is, there are varieties of yellow shades to choose from that’ll flow with your personal style. Whether you are rocking a single-shade outfit like black, or you want to colour-block, a yellow bag will totally jazz-up your overall outlook.

Blue Accessories

One of the spring 2021 fashion trends we’re personally psyched about is the touch of blue. The skies in spring are blue, and your outfit should be too!

Just like yellow, blue isn’t taking the back seat. Whether it’s a blue hat, blue clutch, or a blue scarf, you just can’t go wrong. One of the most beautiful looks we’ve spotted is an all-grey outfit with a blue hat and blue clutch.

Folk-Inspired Coats

Folk-inspired coats are another trend you’ll love to style this spring. Available in a variety of different colours, these coats hang loosely off the body while also accentuating your figure.

Whenever it gets a bit cold, just grab one of these coats, and you’ll look like a million dollars. Folk-inspired coats are easy to style and suit all body types.

Knee High Boots

If you want to revamp your style this spring, opt for knee-high boots. Knee-high boots add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit that involves a short dress or mini skirt.

No doubt, the most popular colour for knee-high boots are either black or brown. However, if you want to flow with the new trends, white-coloured boots will totally turn heads. Make sure you add an equally white-coloured bag to complement the look.

Oversized Jackets

Oversized jackets (also known as boyfriend jackets) have been around for a while. Just as the name suggests, these jackets are inspired by the cute way ladies look when they wear their boyfriend’s jackets.

In addition to oversized jackets are shoulder pads. They’re another blast from the past that combines fashion trends from the 80s, delivering a modern look that’ll undoubtedly make you stand out this spring. 

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