Step-up Your Self-Defense Game: 4 Insider Tips & Tricks That Pack a Punch

step up your self defense

Even in 2021, violence against women is an all too familiar phenomenon. Since over a third of women globally have experienced physical or sexual violence, learning to defend yourself can be considered a form of life insurance (especially since 38% of women succumb to the violent forces of intimate male partners). From stalking to spousal abuse, women need to be prepared to defend themselves in a world that has been all too slow to acknowledge the dangers they face daily.

By investing in the right gear and acquiring new skills, women can gain confidence in their ability to defend themselves in treacherous situations. Read on for four tips you need to safeguard yourself from the dangers looming around every dimly-lit parking garage. 

Get your concealed carry permit

Carrying a concealed weapon gives women an opportunity for self-defense with the added benefit of discretion from any would-be attacker. For many women, a concealed carry is well-worth any state application fees and coursework required to earn the permit. By carrying a concealed firearm like this, you can be prepared to protect your own life, whether you find yourself walking alone at night or running an errand in a dangerous part of town.

Take martial arts classes

Outside of being great exercise, martial arts classes can help women gain confidence and learn self-defense skills. Rather than focusing on brute force development, martial arts can help women develop the skills they need to defend themselves against an attacker of any size. For example, judo and jiu-jitsu teach students how to resist attackers using specific techniques rather than relying on superior size.

Keep a small bottle of pepper spray in your purse

Pepper spray presents an affordable and convenient mode of self-defense. Women hoping to purchase pepper spray can usually find it for less than the cost of brunch at big-box stores or online. Additionally, the tiny bottle is easy to conceal inside a purse or backpack. However, just because it comes packaged in a lipstick-sized container doesn’t mean pepper spray can’t pack a punch. Some sprays can maintain full efficacy when launched at assailants up to 20 feet away.

Add a whistle to your keychain

If learning self-defense is a form of life insurance, carrying a safety whistle is a portable security system. Specific safety whistles can reach the same decibel level as personal alarm systems for the small price of $10. Additionally, many safety whistles are made of durable plastic, ideal for various emergencies. Whether you’re hoping to startle an assailant or alert passersby that you’re lost in a dark wooded area, safety whistles can swoop in to rescue vulnerable users. 

Wrap up

What can be easily added to your keychain might just become your most versatile safety purchase. It’s no secret that this world can often be a dangerous place for women. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many ways women can gain self-confidence in their ability to defend themselves. From making time for martial arts to stringing a safety whistle onto your keychain, this is just the beginning for women learning to step-up their self-defense games.

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