5 Smart Tips That Will Increase Your FBA Business Revenue


Amazon is one of the most popular online retail stores to date. It gives aspiring online retailers considerable opportunities to sell to more than millions to prospective customers, increase sales, and get loyal customers. Amazon boasts one of the most functional and modern fulfillment networks globally, presenting its Fulfillment by Amazon. 

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) businesses are seeing a massive surge in popularity, and more buyers and sellers want to join the bandwagon. It lets you store your goods in the company’s fulfillment centers, leaving the entire process of choosing, packing, and shipping of your products to them. This network helps you measure your business’s capability and help you reach more potential customers. 

However, these businesses are still new, and there is minimal advice that adequately discusses the scaling of FBA businesses. Scaling businesses can be challenging, so we provided you with five tips to increase your FBA business revenues.

1. Invest in a Business Management Tool

Using business management tools can ease your workload when it comes to running your E-commerce stores, especially for Amazon sellers. Some of the best business management tools available specifically for FBA is the Helium 10 chrome extension. Almost all online reviews say that his management tool is one of the best choices for scaling your business, choosing products, and managing your Amazon store. 

Using business management tools will help you validate product ideas, find the most appropriate keywords, fully optimize listings, and extensive product research. It will also help you manage every aspect of your business in one accessible dashboard, helping you achieve only success and maximize your profits. 

2. Add Unique Listings

You can invest in different niches or unique products to help you generate exclusive listings, which means you will have minimal to no competition on Amazon. It allows you to sell items at a high margin, giving you more profit. 

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3. Prepare to Compete on Prices

In any market place, the primary differentiator that separates one seller from another is the price. Though it is not an obstacle towards profitability, knowing the price competition will give you an insight into which goods a retailer chooses to promote in the platform. Ideally, you should list products that have a sufficient margin to compete with the prices on Amazon while still offering a decent rate of return regarding overhead expenses, inventory, and order handling. 

4. Understand Amazon’s Best Seller Rank and Buy Box Function

Amazon is known to assign a BSR (Best Seller Rank) to all products in its platform. This ranking feature allows you to see how well your products or goods are selling overall and is typically updated hourly, almost giving you a real-time update on how your business is doing. You can find this feature on all product listings within the product details section in Amazon. You can’t control the BSR ranking of your products, but here are factors included when calculating a product’s BSR ranking.

  • Recent sales.
  • Historical data.
  • Amazon’s predictive algorithm. 

Although you can’t optimize your BSR, you can influence prospects to buy your product, which increases your BSR. Winning Amazon’s buy box is the best way to increase your seller rank because 82% of Amazon’s successful sales happen via buy box. You can win the buy box feature when you get more reviews, rankings, smart pricing strategies, minimal issues, decent performance metrics on your products.

5. Advertise with Purpose

If you want to maximize your profits, you will have to build your customer base, which requires advertising. Although SEO strategies are useful for organic searches, using paid advertising gives you faster results when done right. You can invest in Amazon’s sponsored ads because they are ideal for day-to-day advertising for the recent release of certain products. Ensure that your advertisements are catchy yet simple, test your promotional photos first to see which gives you the most traffic.

Now that the economy is on its way back up, you can take advantage of the renewed interest in online shopping to make some extra cash. Explore your options and learn about FBA revenue streams.

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