9 Websites Where You Can Sell Your Old Clothes For Money

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Bauces, selling your old clothes that you already own is a great way to clean out your closet and make some extra money. Whether your pre-loved clothes are in as new condition, have been gently worn, or are more used, there is somewhere you can sell them. Even home decorated t-shirts made with machines like the Cricut EasyPress are popular to sell on various platforms. While there are many sites available that can help you get started, it can become a little confusing when trying to decide if you want to partner with a consignment store or sell your used clothing yourself.

Here is a list of a few consignment store options along with some tips on how to begin selling if you decide to go the independent route and sell on your own.

1. VarageSale

This company took the concept of a yard sale and created a community where you can sell directly to people in your area. You sign up, find your local community, and connect with Facebook to confirm your identity. Once that is done an admin will review your request for approval.

Once approved you can begin to sell your items. When you make a sell, you set up a meeting spot with the customer and make the exchange.

2. thredUP

This company is an online thrift and consignment store. You visit the site and if you want to donate your clothing you have the option. You order a “clean out kit” from the site and send your clothing in.

thredUp will sort your clothing out and decide which ones to accept. Then, you get paid based on the selling price it assigns each item. The company donates unaccepted items to charity or you can pay $9.99 to get them back.

3. Tradesy

The motto for this company is: “Sell what you own and buy what you want.” Tradesy sends their sellers free shopping kits. Once you receive a kit you go to your closet and select the clothing you want to sell, take a picture, and upload it to their site. Once the image is uploaded, they enhance it to make it look retail friendly. Tradesy takes a 14.9% commission when your items sell.

4. SnobSwap

This company name is definitely an indicator of the types of clothing they have on their site. They sell exclusively designer labels, like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, and Chanel. If you are interested in selling your clothing on the site, you upload a picture and they will approve the listing within 72 hours.

The cool thing about SnobSwap is they have actual boutiques in New York, LA, Washington D.C, and Miami.

5. Lil Jelly Bean

Bauces, if you have children Lil Jelly Bean is great way to get rid of all those clothes that you child has never worn or has only worn a few times.

This children’s consignment store is located in New Jersey and sellers are paid per sale of each item and a shipping fee is deducted from the proceeds. They also accept maternity clothing which is another perk because so many women don’t know what to do with their maternity clothes after childbirth.

6. Poshmark

If you have the best camera smartphone and some nice pieces in your closet you can make a few coins using Poshmark. When you make a sale, the company takes a commission. For sales under $15, it is a flat rate of $2.95. For sale of $15 or more, the commission is 20 percent. The buyer pays for shipping, and Poshmark provides a pre-paid, pre-addressed label for you to send to the buyer. However, Poshmark is only available in the United States and its territories.

7. eBay

Almost everyone knows about eBay. If you sell on eBay, the seller is responsible for the entire process. The benefit of using eBay is that you don’t have a third party taking a cut out of your earnings.

You also have the benefit of choosing your own price point. This can work your favor if you know the value of an item or if the value has increased due to it being a limited edition or a hot item. You could literally sell anything here, including beautiful knitwear for your beloved lady.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has come a long way from being a site to find friends. You can now sell items using their marketplace. Facebook a great tool because a lot of people are on Facebook daily, and if you post in the marketplace your items will be viewed by a lot of people.

The marketplace is also very easy to navigate. If you were interested in selling clothing you would simply upload an image of the item, give it a price and description, and do some promotion.

9. Instagram

This photo-sharing app is now a powerful tool to create an extra stream of income. You can set up an entire store using Instagram. And because the app is so visual, you have the power to become very creative using, Instagram stories, short videos, and testimonials without leaving the app.

While you can’t actually make a sale on the site you can take bids in the comments section and then direct potential customers to a link to finish the transaction.

Okay, BAUCES. Here are some things to remember:

Use great images

Think about when you are shopping online for clothing — what is the first thing you notice? If you have a great item but the photos are not clear people won’t pay attention. Be creative as possible when posting images, use great props and bold colors to make your clothing stand out.

Label correctly

Always remember to label the color, size, and brand correctly. This will help minimize the amount of customer returns. Look at online shops that your purchase from to see why an item was reviewed poorly and make sure you don’t make those same mistakes.

Be honest in descriptions

If you are selling an item of clothing and it’s gently worn or have a small stain, be sure to state it. Describing a gently worn item as new is dishonest and it will only result in the customer returning the item.

Price appropriately

When selling an item that you can price yourself, make sure you do your research and know what the item is currently worth. You may have purchased a shirt at $200 two years ago but the value may have increased or decreased over time. If you really want to boost your efforts consider cross-selling your clothing on multiple platforms to increase your marketing potential and buying opportunities. For example, you could try this cross listing app to post on Poshmark and Mercari to get your clothing seen by more people.

Selling clothing that you already own is a great way to make extra money. Go through your closet and see what items you could potentially earn some extra cash from.



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