If You Are Always Rushing To Get To Work Then Don’t Forget To Do These 3 Things

Rushing to get ready for work is something we’ve all done in our grown up careers; during school, it might not have mattered all too much. But now that you’re a professional, trying to make something of your occupation, you’ve got a lot of people to answer to. And when you’re late, it can leave a really bad impression. 

But more than that, rushing when you’re late for work can be very bad for your health, and that’s something we need to focus a bit more on. You might skip breakfast, and you might be panicking or stressing out about what your boss or your colleagues are going to say. So let’s focus on dealing with those problems right now. 

Make Sure You Call

Let’s get the stressful part out of the way – you’re going to need to call ahead to make your workplace aware you’re going to be late. Try to be honest about how long you’ll take to get there, but most of all, make sure you tell your coworkers what can get started without you. 

Try to ensure, even when you’re just clambering out of bed and needing to brush your teeth, that you keep the workday interruptions as minimal as possible. And once you call ahead to do this, you can take a breath and focus on getting yourself ready in the most efficient and healthy way possible. 

You Don’t Need to Get the Iron Out

Unless you’re someone who gets their outfit out the day before, you’re going to be ripping all kinds of clothes out of your closet right now. Yet, it doesn’t matter what you pick out, as long as it’s business casual. However, what does matter is the state your clothes are in. 

Wrinkles everywhere! As well as creases in the sleeves or the legs; you know you’ll look a mess. However, don’t panic; you don’t need to waste time getting the iron out. You can use a wrinkle releaser (and be sure to pick one up now if you don’t have one already) to get those cuts and creases out, and it won’t take any longer than 5 minutes to get dressed. 

Grab a Snack on the Way Out

And finally, it’s time to get something down ya! You’re going to need to eat something right now, rather than skip out and get to work on an empty stomach. You need fuel for the day, and who knows when that lunch hour (or 20 minutes…) is really going to come. 

So grab a snack. A muffin, or a protein bar, or even just a slice of bread in a pinch, is much better than going on without nothing at all. Something small you can eat as you commute will always do you the world of good, and ensure you’re not rumbling away whilst you try to get on. 

If you’ve been known to rush out for work, make sure you know what to do for next time! 

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