How Busy Women Can Relax From Mental Overactivity

Number two may actually surprise you!

Sometimes the mind can feel like a runaway freight train. No matter how hard you try to put the brakes on, it just keeps going and going. It’s almost like an unstoppable force but you must never think you can’t find a way to slow down. Mental overactivity is something that many millennials feel. They’re working for 8 hours or more a day. Not only that but now we live in the age of technology and information. Thus we’re having to do more and work more efficiently than any other generation before us.

Consequently, we have the mental afterburners on for most of the day. Finding it difficult to wind down after work is not at all uncommon. Relaxation itself has changed because we understand more about ourselves. We know what works and what doesn’t and you have the technological options to fulfill that now. 

A New YouTube Trend

The most common health problem we face is going to sleep on time and getting enough sleep. Don’t lie, you bring your phone to bed with you. It’s normal for most people to check their work emails and texts once more before they nod off to Narnia. But then, we get sidetracked and start searching online for things we intend to buy a new jacket or perhaps reading movie reviews. Well, there’s a YouTube trend that has taken off called ASMR. It’s a genre of video that is purely designed for sensory stimulation and slowing down the mind. Normally, it’s something you watch that consists of a quiet room and or quiet background noise. It’s something methodical that has a start, middle and finish. There are video styles for both men and women. Women’s videos consist of salon experience, hair combing, massages, and whispers. For men, it’s things like shaving, haircuts, and massages as well.

Smoke a load off

Calming down after work is where the biggest challenge lies. Because, if you can quickly calm down after you get off work, going to sleep at night becomes that much easier. But, for most people, they can’t find the time or don’t know how to become calm. If you do live in a country that has now legalized a green herb of a certain kind, you may want to try blue coma strain. It’s been lab-tested and has been designed to battle mental overactivity. It will slow every cognition down, and you’ll be able to let the tension in your body go. It’s a deep, euphoric and trance-like experience, purposefully made to give you a hit of relaxation with each inhales. It has a very high THC level of 78% and around 2% of CBD. Thus it can also relax your muscle tension.

Reading something good

We’ve talked about how smartphones in bed can sometimes be detrimental to how you sleep. But, if you’re reading a book on your phone, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea after all. This is because reading has been known to slowly wind down your brain and help you fall asleep quicker. 

Perhaps it’s time you looked more into ASMR, to help you fall asleep at night. Maybe you could look at different strands of herb to smoke. 

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