How To Make Money When You’re Between Jobs

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In 2020, lots of you find yourselves between jobs. You’ve unfortunately been made redundant, and you’re looking for a new place to work. It’s pretty tricky as not a lot of places are hiring. So, you’re stuck in the ‘between jobs’ phase for quite some time. 

Obviously, you need money to…well…survive! Money pays for bills, food, clothes – everything. You probably have some cash saved, but are there ways to earn a bit of money while you’re looking for a new job? Yes, there are! Here are some ideas to help you earn extra money between jobs:

Become a freelance writer

Do you have a talent for writing? To be honest, you probably don’t even need to be that talented to do this job. The online world is dominated by content, and websites will need freelance writers to produce it. Look at sites like Upwork or Freelancer and you will see plenty of writing jobs available. You can earn money writing blog posts, news articles, or creating product descriptions. Take as much work as you can get to keep the cash flowing until you find a permanent job. 

Deliver packages for companies

Online shopping is all the rage, increasing the demand for delivery services. These days, you can find delivery work online in a matter of minutes. Loads of companies need to move products to customers, and plenty of shipping services are looking for flexible employees. Perhaps ’employee’ isn’t the right word as you’re not really contracted to a company. Basically, you can find sites where you sign up to deliver packages, collect the load, then deliver them for a fee. Do this in your spare time while you wait for the interviews to come flying in!

To be honest, you could also throw in Deliveroo and companies like that into the mix. That’s kind of a delivery service – you’re just making shorter trips and delivering food! The thing I like about this idea is that you only need a car or bike to complete deliveries. 

Look after people’s dogs

Generally, people are very busy. Therefore, they don’t have enough time to look after their pets and walk their dogs. So, this opens the door for a side-hustle if you like dogs. Offer to look after and walk people’s pets and you can earn a decent bit of money on the side. It’s a relaxing thing to do, and you get to spend a lot of time around some cute canines!

Also, and this is just a personal theory, dog-sitting/walking might be in more demand soon. Loads of families adopted dogs during the first coronavirus lockdown when they had lots of time at home. Now, people are returning to work and university, so there are lots of dogs that need looking after. You can swoop in and provide a service for all these families!

I think the learning point to take is that you should be active when looking for work. Being between jobs isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Try these sorts of ideas as you can do them in your spare time and basically pick and choose when you want to make money.

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