How To Appropriately Heal From Emotional Trauma

The human condition is a complex one. We are emotional creatures, and we feel things deeply. The state of our emotions can have a huge range of consequences, including an impact on our physical health. There is a reason that the end of a relationship is often described as a broken heart which feels like physical pain. Our emotional wellbeing is tied up in brain chemicals which have the power to create the same pain response as bodily trauma. Life has it’s up and downs, so when something occurs which really knocks you, there are a number of different ways that people react – and all are equally valid.

Moving on from a traumatic episode can seem impossible to navigate, however, unlike a physical injury which we can see healing, emotional pain is something more complex and in many ways, harder to deal with. From intense sadness to panic attacks and anxiety, obsessive thoughts and behaviours, spiralling addiction or substance abuse issues to anger and low moods, we often don’t have the toolkit we need to start the healing process. So, what do you do when you feel broken by life and ready to give up? How do you start the journey to recovery and allow hope back into your life?

Be Kind To Yourself

First of all, stop being so hard on yourself. There is no right or wrong way to feel about a bad situation. You aren’t less of a person for having the feelings that you do, or for finding it difficult to move forward after a setback. Think of the advice that you give to a good friend in the same situation – you’d never tell them to ‘get over it’, and you shouldn’t expect that of yourself. Being able to heal relies on acknowledging and absorbing the truth of a situation – and that can take time.

Seek Support

Often we put too much pressure on recovering from emotional trauma by trying to carry out our healing alone. Accepting support with your predicament is hugely important. Seeking the right sort of professional support – be that counseling, a group of people in the same situation, turning to a close friend, or even a specialist facility such as Lake Wellness Center, can really help you to come to terms with a situation and provide the practical skills to change your situation, one step at a time.

Take Care Of Anxiety

In the aftermath of a big emotional event, it’s very normal to experience high levels of anxiety, so learning some anxiety management techniques can really help you on the path to recovery. Try some breathing exercises, relaxation or mindfulness using an app, or if you can, access some cognitive behavioural therapy. It’s all about finding the switch that means you can turn your worries off and live a life that’s a little more free from fear. Tackling your anxiety can help you achieve a life with better emotional balance and is a useful skill to gain as you move through life. 

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