Why Beating An Addiction Is A Struggle, But Not Impossible

We’ve all been there; everyone gets addicted to something. Be it sugar, your phone, losing weight, smoking, or drugs. There are all kinds of different types of addictions, so it should be easy enough for most people to realize how hard it can be to quit an addiction. It’s important to make sure that anyone who is struggling with an addiction, knows that they are not alone.

People have been in a similar boat, so addiction doesn’t just affect one person, but the whole world. Everyone will struggle with it at some point, and the people who say they aren’t addicted to something or have never been addicted, just can’t admit it just yet. Admitting to something is often the hardest part, so it’s completely understandable if people can’t admit to it just yet.

Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey isn’t for everyone. It can be a real struggle to withdraw completely from a substance that you have been addicted to. Many people might use the cold turkey method for things like quitting smoking. However, people really struggle with this method if they have been smoking for a really long time. Yet, if they are determined enough then it will totally worth it.

You can go cold turkey for most things, like when you are trying to stop eating so much sugar. You might find that after two weeks you don’t crave sugar at all. However, the real struggle is getting through those two weeks. That’s the part that people find the hardest. It might not be much fun but going cold turkey might be one of the most effective methods to quit anything, from smoking, substance abuse or simple things like eating healthier. It just depends on what works best for the individual.

Medical Detox

In more serious cases, it might be a good idea to make use of a medical detoxification treatment. For people who have a drug addiction, they will find that they have a chemical dependency on that drug. The brain will literally depend on that drug, due to substance abuse changing the chemicals in the brain.

The brain no longer works properly, and this is where the withdrawal symptoms kick in. For a lot of people, this is the time where it’s just easier for them to go back to the drug, but if you are truly invested in stopping, then it might be time for a medical detox. This is a natural process to help get rid of all toxins out of your body. It gives you the right amount of support to help you through your struggle.

Cutting Down

Some people might find this method a bit easier, as they aren’t going cold turkey straight away and are letting their body adjust to having less every single day. If this is how you are hoping to quit, then it’s important that you set a realistic goal and that you also measure how much you are taking. For example, if you don’t count how many glasses of wine you are drinking, or how many cigarettes you are smoking, then they can quickly add up and you won’t have cut down.

It’s important that you set a goal for yourself. You need to have a target to aim for. Without a target, you’ll never get over your addiction. You can’t just say that you’ll quit, you have to actually commit to it. You first have to admit that you have a problem and understand that the struggle to quit is real. However, if you can make it through that struggle then you will feel so much better about yourself. Make sure that you have someone to talk to about your addiction as well, as this will make it a lot easier for you. If you are scared about them judging you, then you can find out how to talk to your family here.

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