How To Still Land Contracting Jobs During COVID-19

Because of the pandemic, U.S. unemployment rates have been lower than ever, but when you’re an independent contractor, one thing you do have control over is finding gigs for yourself.

In a world where it’s safer to keep six-feet apart and stay out of people’s homes; when office buildings are empty, and businesses are no longer operating on their properties, it can seem almost impossible to find contracting jobs in 2020.

However, one way you can still provide yourself a source of income doing construction work and doing what you love is through home renovations.

While entering people’s homes during a pandemic does sound daunting, with the right precautions and agreements, you’ll be able to stay safe while continuing to complete home-based projects for your clients. Here are a few ways you can get started:

Before getting the job:

Make Yourself The Top Candidate By Increasing Credibility

Take a course and get certified/licensed

We know getting contracting jobs has been a challenge this year, but there are still a few things you can do on your own to make sure you have a better chance of getting hired. One of those things is to increase your credibility as much as possible by furthering your skills.

Enrolling in online courses that help you prepare for independent contractor certificates and licenses will let your clients know that you’re legitimate and serious about your work.

Establish your brand on social media.

Social media can also play a huge role in increasing your credibility and building your brand. And while many contractors may not believe it, it all comes down to customer engagement, reviews, and word of mouth.

On social media platforms, your past clients are able to leave photos and reviews for your construction work and service. In turn, your future clients will also have the opportunity to see your experience and what other people have to say about you if you establish your online presence.

Whether you are building your own website, or just have an Instagram page, letting people know you’re online will also help grow your audience and help you find more clients.

Protect yourself.

Let’s be honest. Construction work can be really dangerous, and now that you’re willing to go into people’s houses, your health could be at risk. However, with the proper care and precautions, there are ways that you can complete your work illness-free. First, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected by the proper insurance coverages you’ll need as an independent contractor, in case of an emergency.

During the job:

How To Get Clients To Trust You During a Pandemic

If you’re a contractor who’s willing to take on jobs such as home renovations or interior remodeling and entering the homes of other people during this time, then it should be acknowledged that you indeed take the proper precautions to keep both you and your clients safe.

Show Your Clients That You Can Be Trusted and Considerate.

Things such as wearing a mask and keeping your shoes and clothes clean will show the client, from their first impression of you, that you are someone who is considerate of stepping into their home.

In addition, following guidelines from the CDC at your workplace will not only help to keep you safe but will establish trust between you and your client. Because you’re doing at-home work, it’s important to make sure your clients know that you’re considerate of their space, especially at a time like this.

Keeping your tools clean and being six-feet away if you need to take off your mask will help them to feel safer. Doing this can result in them telling other people that they know how safe they felt with you working in or around their home.

After the job:

Get credit for your work

Take before and after photos.

As an independent contractor, it’s important for you to show other people the work you have completed and done. By taking before and after photos of your renovation or construction work, you are building a visual portfolio for potential customers to look at. With your client’s permission, of course, be sure to have evidence of the hard work you’ve accomplished. This is essentially similar to “updating your resume,” and will help you to land more jobs in the future.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a review.

When you’ve finally completed your project, don’t be shy about asking your client to leave a review on your website or social media page. As an independent contractor, your next thought should almost always be, “Where can I find my next job?” after you’ve completed your current project.

Having this mindset will help you to gain a steady workflow and a steady flow of income if you commit yourself to continuously finding work. Having more positive customer reviews will help!

Being an independent worker gives you the freedom to seek out jobs for yourself, and at a time where the US is very limited on jobs right now, it’s almost like a blessing in disguise. If you can stay motivated and implement these tips into your job hunt, you just might find work to do with your next client – just be safe while you’re doing it!

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