5 Strategic Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media

In today’s day and age, society finds itself clinging to the market of all things social, creating a new outlet for business owners, influencers, and creatives to share their platforms with a wide range of audiences. Some leap at the opportunity, eating the technological shift like appetizer bread, while others who don’t grasp how to market themselves online nearly gag at the thought.

Building your brand on social media isn’t easy, but it isn’t necessarily a challenge. With the right insight, dedication, and a killer brand—you can rack up the engagement and build genuine trust with your audience.

 Know your Brand—Inside and Out

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One of the most important questions to ask yourself when establishing your brand’s presence on social media is, “Who am I?” It may seem like a simple question, yet it is the framework for your online success. Knowing your brand is knowing what demographic you want to reach, how to keep your demographic’s interest, the message you are trying to push, and how to establish trust with your audience. How would you expect a following when you don’t even know what you’re about? This is something that takes days, weeks, and even months to figure out. So, when establishing who and what your brand is about, you can move forward to reaching social media success.

Stay True to your Brand

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No one is fond of a brand that states one thing and then does the complete opposite. This is where knowing your brand shows its importance. When you know your brand, you are wary of accepting deals and pushing content that compromises its integrity. Staying true to your values establishes trust between the audience and the brand, which can benefit in genuine engagement—which is something that allows deals and partnerships that align with the morals of your brand. Companies flock toward those with genuine engagement because they know that your audience trusts your insight and takes what you have to say (or post in this manner) seriously.

Craft Your Image

What does your brand look like? This can be figurative, or literal. This falls in line with knowing your and staying true to your brand. Is there a certain aesthetic you are trying to push? Aesthetic and Image doesn’t always have to be bright photos and script fonts. Your brand could have a minimal or corporate chic feel to it, the possibilities are endless when you know who you are. When you know your image, it makes it easier to establish your audience or vice-versa. It doesn’t matter the order of the two, as long as you remember that they go hand in hand.

Plan Your Content

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You cannot attract an audience without content, and you cannot expect their interaction to remain consistent when your content isn’t. Mapping out your content for the month or week can help greatly with this problem. Steps such as having monthly photoshoots and planning to post images throughout the month is a great content to execute when dealing with any brand, creating graphics a week or two in advance is also a huge help. There is a variety of apps that can help you plan and envision your content in advance. This in turn, keeps your image fresh and your audience happy.

Know Your Worth

Never settle for less. There will be many people that will doubt your ability and even go as far as trying to “low-ball” you for your engagement and interaction. One of the most important parts of successfully maintaining your brand’s image on social media is knowing what it’s worth and never sinking below yourself. Remember that your place matters and that no one can take it away from you if you do not allow them to. Trust your path and always believe in your journey.

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