Ditch The Onesie! You Deserve To Feel Gorgeous, Even Under Lockdown

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Why wait until all of this is over to start living your best life? Don’t you deserve to feel confident, empowered and gorgeous now?

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For many of us, it feels as though the COVID-19 lockdown has been in place all our lives. We’ve done so much adjusting in the last few months that we may genuinely struggle to remember how life felt when there wasn’t a global pandemic responsible for (at the time of writing) over 100,000 deaths in the US alone. While many states have already started to ease lockdown measures and the wheels of the economy are picking up speed, many of us still have at least a few more weeks of self-isolation, working from home and social distancing to content with.

Many of us have, for weeks, given up trying to look good or feel good about ourselves. We’re dressing for comfort, letting our skin and hair care slide, and adapting a style that can only be called COVID-chic. And if this brings you satisfaction and empowerment, that’s great! But for many of us, it starts to make us feel like we’re edging further and further away from the person we want to be. The person that it feels good to be. 

Why wait until all of this is over to start living your best life? Don’t you deserve to feel confident, empowered, and gorgeous now

But I have nobody to get dressed up for!

You may be issuing this exact protest in your mind, as you read. If you live alone you could be forgiven for assuming that there’s nobody to ger dressed up, exfoliate, depilate or moisturize for. But there is, someone extremely worthy… you!

Ditching the onesie and the pjs and affecting change on the outside can work wonders when it comes to bringing about the change you want to feel on the inside. It’s part of the reason why so many actors can only get into character when they try on their wardrobe.

Dress for work

Have you been feeling sluggish and struggling to focus when working from home? The idea of working in your pjs may seem like a dream come true at first. But as the weeks and months go by, it can prevent you from feeling as professional and empowered as you should and can actually exacerbate impostor syndrome. Try dressing, putting on your makeup and doing your hair just as you would if you were going to the office. You may be surprised by just how much it helps your mentality and productivity just click into place. 

Scratch the surface

It’s not just about the clothes and makeup you wear. It’s about helping yourself to feel fresh, new and revitalized. So don’t be afraid to scratch the surface. Try laser hair removal at home to get your body feeling silky smooth. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin so that you feel like the goddess you are underneath your clothes. Remember, it’s about how you feel as much as how you look.

Share your looks

In the age of social media, even if you’re by yourself you’re never alone. Don’t let those awesome looks go to waste. Every time you experiment with a new makeup look or outfit, share it on social media. Remind everyone what a beautiful, formidable badass you are. What’s more, the feedback that you’ll get from the people who love you will give you the boost of self-belief that you didn’t know you needed.

However, you choose to empower, embolden, and fabulize yourself, feel great about who you are… because you’re awesome!

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