Beat the Heat: How to Feel and Look Good All Summer Long

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There’s something about blue skies and a sunny glow that puts everyone in a good mood. For many people, summer is their favorite time of year. But, no matter how much they love the summer months, one thing most people can agree on is that the hot weather can take its toll on their appearance. Everyone can relate to the feeling of going out in the morning, feeling and looking good; but, by the end of the day being left feeling overheated and less than fresh. 

Dress Right

Whether your summer plans involve heading off on a romantic getaway or you are going to be working throughout the summer months, it is crucial that you feel comfortable and stay cool. Have you ever gone out and later realized that your outfit is wrong for the weather? No one wants to have sweat patches on their clothing as they can not only be a source of embarrassment but can also damage your outfit. It is a wise idea to wear an undershirt such as those by NUMI to keep you feeling fresh, and to protect your clothing from staining. Staying cool and fresh throughout the day will help you to feel confident and to enjoy your summer without needing to worry about your outfit.

Stay Protected

When the first of the summer sun arrives, it can feel great to feel its warmth on your skin and to enjoy spending more time outdoors. However, the heat and the humidity can leave your hair and skin out of control. No matter what hair type you have, the summer heat can leave it dry on the ends, and it can become prone to breakage. Keeping your hair conditioned with oil is an excellent way to keep your hair looking good all day long, and to protect it from drying out too much in the sun.

Just as your hair needs some extra care to keep it healthy and to protect it against the heat and humidity, your skin needs the same attention. Keep your skin hydrated and protect it from sun damage by ensuring that you stay moisturized to prevent your skin from drying out throughout the day.

Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital to keep you looking and feeling at your best throughout the summer. It is so easy to dehydrate in the warmer weather, and you may not even realize that you haven’t drunk enough water until you start to feel unwell. Ther guidance on how much you should drink each day does vary, but the recommendation is often that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, although other drinks count towards this figure too.

Drinking enough water is essential to keeping your skin looking healthy. Keeping hydrated will help you to stay focussed and will also help to keep headaches at bay. With the right level of hydration, you will be able to feel at your very best and concentrate on enjoying your summer. 

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