Here’s Why You Should Consider Making Golf Your New Sport

The sport of golf offers numerous benefits and is popular with a wide audience. Golf is a game of many sides – including the physical, the social, and the aesthetic. Let’s have a look at some for the reasons you should love Golf below. 

The Outdoors And Scenery

Most of our time is spent battling the masses on motorways, city streets, and crowded trains. There are lots of beautiful settings to play golf in, so it offers a reprieve from this constant rat race.During golfing days, golfers can enjoy the sea, the heath, the park, and hills in rolling valleys. We can breathe easy while playing golf for a few hours. Many people play gold as a way to tealx after a long week at work and even go on vacation to explore the many gold courses abroad. 

Having A Sense Of Accomplishment

As a sport, golf offers so many opportunities for small accomplishments.An accomplishment does not have to be winning a tournament, nor even beating your opponent. It can be as minor as holing a putt or avoiding a penalty area.Par, birdie, eagle, slashing the drive on a testing hole, getting out of a bunker – the list goes on and on.Golf is a game of several challenges, so it is possible to achieve many results.

The Gear

There are plenty of opportunities to splash the cash when it comes to golf equipment.

Is there anything better than a set of shiny new irons, a pair of sparkly white shoes, or a fancy set of new balls? For our ladies out there, take a look at this article for the best golf balls for women.

Furthermore, you can adjust your driver’s weight, remove an inch from the putter’s shaft, or try out a new brand of golf ball.A tech-lover who enjoys golf has ample scope to consider new gear available and to revise the old.

Health Benefits

For all ages, golf is an excellent form of exercise in an age when people are getting fatter and idler.Five miles walked (perhaps with your clubs) keeps the heart ticking and metabolism humming, while swinging helps keep your muscles flexible and strong., there are benefits to mental health. Golf provides a great opportunity for friendships to form and be kept.

The Inclusivity

Golf has an unfair reputation as an elite activity. Nonetheless, it’s the most inclusive sport there is.There is something for everyone to enjoy in the game, even those of different abilities and ages.There is a handicap system that accommodates that. It’s possible to play in a weekend competition or tournament with someone as young as 18 and someone as elderly as 80.Lastly, you will be spending four hours in the company of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and learning about their lives.Socially and politically, this chance to mix and share views is very healthy.


It is hard to play golf, and every player goes through hardships. 80% of those who competed just before you are in the same boat when you return from a tough day on the links, so it’s always comforting to discover that in the clubhouse.In order to succeed in golf, players must be tough in adversity, while sharing in one another’s successes as well.always great to share your golfer buddies’ accomplishments, whether it’s a hole-in-one or a best-round.

The Competition

Golf lets us compete whenever we go out, since many of us have a competitive streak. We can, if we want to!Organised events aren’t needed, although they can be a lot of fun. Seeing if you can get the best score of the day by putting yourself into the field.There are many ways to compete, such as playing your weekly fourball, playing your regular playing partner, or even competing against yourself!

Never-Ending Challenges

Until someone completes a round in 18 strokes, golf will never be beaten.In a round of golf, one can never do as well as they can – shots will always go out of bounds.We will all keep going despite that, hoping one day everything will work out in a miracle round.Challenges like this keep us coming back to the course over and over.

Teaches You Life Lessons

According to R&A studies, people who play golf from an early age have better life skills when it comes to integrity (golf is a game of honesty after all).In addition, they can communicate with people from different backgrounds and have above average communication skills., tolerance, commitment, and perseverance are qualities that golf teaches.


There are countless competitions to watch and enjoy on the elite side of the game.Men and women compete in the Majors of golf every year, and the weekly tournaments showcase different courses all over the world. Even team events like the Ryder and Solheim Cups provide hours of entertainment.There are many reasons to love, play and enjoy golf, making it one of the most complex and complete sports on the planet. Golfers should consider themselves lucky!

What Do You Need To Play Golf? 

If you have read this and are now eager to get on your first golf course to give it a go, you mzy be wondering what you need in order to play. Firstly it’s probably best to wear comfptable light coloured clothing and hire your equipment. This way you aren’t investing too much before deciding if it is something that you want to continue with as a hobby. Of course, you are going to fall in love with Golf for the many reasons above so this is how you can get started: 


Here we cover just the basics. More detailed information, photographs, videos,, and advice can be found under the Equipment section.

If you are new to golf, you may find that a golf professional is willing to provide you with a club(s) to use if you talk to him to arrange some initial tuition. In most cases, if you want to buy equipment after the initial lessons, the professional will only suggest you purchase half a set, or even a second-hand set.  Regardless of what you buy, you really should let a professional check them out to ensure they are comfortable. Golf clubs that are too long or short, or grips that are too thick or thin make it difficult to strike the ball properly. 

Once you are experienced enough to play golf, you will need a golf bag, but don’t go overboard with size!

You will need the following items in your bag:

  • Towel for cleaning clubs
  • Waterproofs – possibly!
  • Golf ball marker
  • Drink
  • Snack bar(s)
  • Golf Rule Book
  • Umbrella
  • Spare golf balls- more than you think you will need (Just in case!)
  • Spare tees
  • Pencil for scoring
  • Pen for marking golf balls
  • Pitch mark repairer

You may also need sun cream, sunglasses, and a hat. This is just a guide for the basics. If you want to make sure you have a full set of equipment, make sure you do your research first. 

What Should You Wear?

Golf attire consisting of a collared shirt, smart trousers, a sweater with a round neckline and golf shoes are customary on golf courses. The fleece top, chino trousers, sweatshirt,, and roll necks have become widely accepted in recent years. Blue denim jeans are accepted by some clubs, but the majority won’t. As well as football or rugby shirts, football tops are generally unacceptible. The idea is to smart and presentable. 

It may be wise to contact the club Secretary or club Professional, in advance of your visit, if there is any doubt about the dress code.

Wear loose-fitting clothing when swinging as tight-fitting clothing may restrict your ability to swing freely. When your trousers are too tight, you won’t be able to move your lower half as freely as you want. Clothing on the upper half should be loose-fitting, but not too loose, and should have excess material under the arms to allow your arms to freely swing.

What Shoes Should You Wear?

There are some differences between golf shoes and ordinary shoes, including the fact that they are usually waterproof and have spikes on their soles. These shoes are used primarily for keeping you on your feet as you swing and walk on sometimes slick or muddy surfaces. 

Numerous shoe manufacturers offer many styles and colors of shoes for everyone’s taste. For sports shoes of any kind, the most important thing is to have a good fit, especially during the swing, to prevent blisters and excessive foot movement.

Spikes can be made of soft plastic or steel. Several clubs require soft spikes on their courses because steel spikes leave more marks on grass than soft ones. Before visiting any club, you should inquire about their policy.

This guide should have shown you how Golf can be a lovable sport by all. Do you play Golf or are you thinking about trying it? Please share some of your thoughts in the comments below. 

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