Golf Is The Rich White Man’s Game That More Women Need To Get Into

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Most people have gotten used to thinking that golf is a game for men. This opinion stems from historical notions that sports are traditionally considered men’s expertise. However, we know this is not so. Golf, in particular, has long been considered a sport that attracts rich white men; this is because the barrier of entry is high and the techniques can typically only be sharpened with costly lessons over time. Although diversity within the sport is still questionable, more women are engaging in this activity and getting access to a not-so-secret world of high rollers and well-connected gentlemen.

If you are debating whether or not you can play golf as a woman, then keep reading to see why this is a myth you should no longer hold onto.



It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female when you’re going to play. Undoubtedly, females use specific playing patterns and have different swing speeds. But all golf clubs are designed for both sexes. If we examine specifications for female clubs, we can notice a few differences between equipment designated for men and women. For example, female drivers are slightly shorter than those for men. However, lofts and face angles are nearly the same size.

We should mention that golf equipment is classified by body size and swing patterns rather than the sex of golfers. Therefore, when choosing the right equipment golfers should focus on finding drivers and bags that can make them feel comfortable rather than considering any gender labels. The same concerns the choice of clubs.

Golf Clubs

Although golf clubs are not classified into male and female, only 15% of women visit them. In European countries, more women are becoming members of these clubs. In this respect, North America is lagging. However, this game is actively promoted in the U.S. Golf clubs attract new players by making noise about the female side of this game by creating special programs that target golf beginners.   

The process of getting into golf is easy: any woman can find a program for beginners near her home. Group sessions are cheaper than individual ones – just like in any other sport. It’s not scaring at all because during these sessions you can meet people who begin learning to play this game as well. You can have fun all together and learn new skills. Both mixed and female sessions are available. So, you can choose peers and enjoy your time during these sessions.

Common Problems

Many women are confused when joining golf clubs because they’re afraid to seem incompetent. There is a generally accepted opinion that those who play golf do it good, but it’s not so. All players would like to play better and need training. This is one of the golf myths as well.

What you need to improve this situation is to learn basic etiquette and golf swing. It’s more important that you enjoy the process rather than keep track of the accuracy of the game. Just have fun without trying to be the best player on the course. Golf is about socializing and exercising rather than showing physical strength or overcoming mental challenges. So, take your best golf stand bag and start enjoying this game at full!

Okay, I want to play. What do I do next?

It’s not really hard to take the first steps. You need just to be interested in playing golf. We selected the following basic steps to help you get into the game quickly:

Learn the basics. Learn how to use equipment and specific nomenclature. Over time you will learn the difference between a driver and putter, iron and wood, full swing and bunker shot. After that, you can learn how to maximize your game, like using a specific midsize golf grip or other tailored equipment. Knowing the norms of etiquette and clothing is also essential.

Understand the facilities. Women should get familiar with club facilities when they visit them for the first time. Therefore, club staff should tell them where to park, check in, change clothes, rest or find golf carts. All these details are less important for men, but women need more attention. Owners of the clubs should take these peculiarities into account as well.

Enjoy the game. Enjoy hitting balls, seeing like it flies or making solid contact – do what makes golf so enjoyable! Breathing fresh air during this game is an additional bonus.

Visit special courses. Five or six lessons on golf are enough to start playing. The age and sex of players are not important, the most valuable that they are not afraid to make the first steps.

Comparison Does Not Do Any Good

We noticed that often women tend to compare themselves to men when playing. We don’t advise you to do it because female patterns are different from those used by men. Women don’t have the same physical strength as men have biologically, but this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the play equally to men. Forget about the games you watched on TV because they don’t show the real golf. Your goal isn’t beating men, but feeling comfortable and enjoying the game!

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Special Female Golf Programs

There are several programs helping women get familiar with this exciting game. These programs are helping learn game basics, get familiar with etiquette, facilities, and equipment. These courses for beginners help women become more confident, comfortable and capable during the game.

You may wish to choose one of the following programs to start learning:

  • Women Into Golf – this is a comprehensive program for those who decided to get familiar with this game. The program welcomes women of all ages, professions and different levels of skills.
  • Women On Par – this is a program that helps add fun to learning how to play golf. It designed to build confidence and find new like-minded peers. This program is based on competing challenges rather than traditional scoring.  
  • Girls Golf Rocks – this program targets young girls aged 5-18 years. Only girls can join this program. It aims encouraging girls to join clubs. The atmosphere in these clubs is friendly and supportive to help beginners to become a part of the team.

Golf has been considered a men’s game for many years, but now women are expressing more interest in it similar to many other types of sports that were initially designated for men. Despite little experience, women take efforts and often succeed in them. If you’re looking for a new skill and network to tap into then golf is an activity that you should set aside your fears about and go for it.  

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