6 Things Every BAUCE Woman Needs To Make Her #BodyGoals A Reality

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The road to body transformations and fitness can be a long and arduous one. Anyone who has ever struggled with trying to lose or gain weight will tell you that there are aspects of a fitness journey that just aren’t for the faint of heart. We understand, but we know our BAUCE women are up for the challenge! Keep reading to discover six key things that every ambitious and busy self-made woman needs to make her fitness goals a reality.

1. Mind Over Matter

The biggest part to mastering your fitness goals is being consistent and seeing your program through. This means keeping “mind over matter” and breaking through the mental “no’s” that often stop us or prevent us from being successful. When you attach exercising or eating healthy to negative thoughts, it makes it that much harder to stick to your goals. You must first start by altering your mindset and keeping your determination to triumph in this arena of your life. If you have trouble in this part of your life, we highly recommend meditation or yoga to increase mindfulness.

2. Consistency

Getting your body to look and feel the way you want it to on the inside and outside won’t just happen overnight. Many of the trainers you see with ripped bodies, muscles and curves worked for months and even years to get the looks that they have. So, don’t just opt-in for a “lose weight in two weeks” type of diet and fall off. Your fitness journey is a long-term goal that requires consistency each week and even every day. “Start out exercising in small short bursts and slowly work your way up to longer, more intense workouts. If you go hard too soon, you run the risk of injuring yourself. Your body needs time to adjust to your new fitness norm,” says a knee pain expert from If you feel like you need help staying accountable to your goals, then consider getting a trainer.

3. Healthy Meal Plan

Success in fitness doesn’t just start in the gym, it truly begins in the kitchen. In fact, 80% of the changes you’ll see with your body will come from the nutrients and ingredients you are ingesting into your body. With a balanced diet, water is another key aspect of your fitness goals. It helps you to consume fewer calories.  That’s why you must ensure your drinking water should be of the best quality. Here is the best way to test water quality. There is a science to body transformation and food is the biggest part of the equation. If you are finding it difficult to eat balanced and nutritious meals for lunch, we strongly consider that you try eating hearty salads from places like sweetgreen that are super transparent about the fresh ingredients that they include in their meals. They also provide a variety of options so you won’t get bored trying to eat healthy every day. If you’re insanely busy, keeping a healthy diet may be challenging and time-consuming. But there’s a solution. You may subscribe to a healthy meal prep service like Ideal Nutrition and your delicious fresh meals will be delivered to your door.

4. Clothing That Fits You Now

One of the hardest parts about transforming your body is knowing that your size is bound to go through a transition. This means that your weight or measurements will fluctuate and you may find that your clothes fit too tight or too lose overtime. If you are feeling a bit overweight though, it important that you wear clothes that fit and flatters your size versus trying to fit into old clothes that no longer covers your body. Anything that is too tight will feel uncomfortable and disillusion you in your journey. Be sure to dress to your true size so you can use your clothing as a real measurement of your progress.

5. Your body data

A part of fitness that is often overlooked is personal fitness data and information. This means everything from your heart rate while you exercise, to the number of macros you consume, to the speed at which you can run a mile. Scales are important but the number on the scale is only a piece of the entire pie. Knowing as much data about your physical capabilities can help you understand how to alter your workout and diets in a customizable fashion that serves you. If you want to make sure your optimal body looks amazing then consider opting into apps or digital platforms that support food logging and data tracking, such as MyFitnessPal.  

6. Exercise that you enjoy

Everyone is going to have their opinion on what types of weights you need to lift or what type of workout class you should be signing up for. Exercise, as important as it is, is a very personal thing. You are literally doing things that are meant to condition and maintain your body for the long haul. Know your body type and find an exercise program that works for you and keeps you excited. Are you into working out at home? Is Pilates more your thing? Or do you prefer a high-intensity interval workout? Whatever your thing is making sure you find an exercise program that is effective and consistent so that you will ultimately see results that you’ll love. One of the easiest exercises to get in shape is by using a hula hoop; it is also perfect for beginners.

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