Falling Off Track? Here’s How To Stay Consistent With Your Daily Affirmations

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You still have the power to keep going.

Most of us live pretty busy lives that occupy a majority of our time. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or corporate gal, we seem to live our lives very fast-paced whether we realize it or not. From constantly looking on our electronics, driving, and socializing, our mind is occupied with three to four things at a time!

Have you ever wanted to create a daily routine that includes speaking your affirmations, meditating, or just checking in on yourself? With our busy lives, it’s hard to stay consistent with things like this because they are a low priority, or perhaps a small price to pay just in case you’re running late for work or an event. So I created ways to help us girls on the go stay on top of our affirmations while doing something occupying such as driving. Below are ways, safe ways, to speak those positive words into your life while on the go.

Write them on notecards

One of the most common ways to get your affirmations in front of you is to write them on bright notecards and tape them in places you go to every single day; your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, and the wall next to or in front of your toilet. Yes, your toilet! This way you see them in clear light without even thinking about it. Think about it, how many times are we in our bathrooms at home? How often do we open our fridge? I’ve even found it helpful to tape a few on the corner of my tv which literally forces me to read my affirmations while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Record yourself saying them

Another efficient way to say or hear your affirmations is to record yourself saying the affirmations you want to say on a daily basis. This way is easy for those who always have headphones in or plug their phones to their aux. So before you open Apple Music or Spotify, open your voice recordings app and listen to yourself speaking great positivity over your life.

Make them your screensaver

Since we spend a majority of our time on our phones, making your affirmations your screensaver is an easy way to always see them. Choose your favorite three affirmations, design them so they look aesthetically pleasing, and make the picture your screensaver. You can use this on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Every time you open your phone to simply check the time, your affirmations are right there for you to quickly recite or remind you how amazing you are if you’re having a bad day.

These three tips are bound to help you while you’re on the go so you won’t have to miss your affirmation time. By utilizing things around you, you’ll be saying your affirmations without even needing to open your journal or notebook. Whether you have to tape them above your toilet or put it as your screensaver, those affirmations are going to start coming to you naturally and even start affecting everyone else around you.

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