Why Crystals And Gemstones Are Taking The Center Stage In Jewelry And Accessories

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‘New age materials’ such as gemstones and crystals are fast growing in popularity in the US, and one of the reasons may be that, as found in 2018 Pew Research, around 42% of Americans believe that “spiritual energy can be located in physical things,” and slightly smaller percentages believe in reincarnation (33%) and astrology (29%). Within the vast collection of so-called ‘New age beliefs’, crystals and gems hold a special place. This is because many believe they contain a special energy that human beings can harness to influence qualities such as mood, focus and happiness. If you love the colors and unique textures of different crystals, what are a few trendy ways that you can incorporate them into your look?

The Meaning Of Crystals And Gems

Crystals and gems are often used in crystal (and/or crystal and card) readings to help individuals find greater clarity on their path. Usually, the person is asked to choose as many crystals as they like, and the reader uses their choices to determine where the person is currently in their life and where they would like to be. Different crystals and gems have different meanings. For instance, amazonite symbolizes courage and positivity, amethysts symbolize calm, pyrite is a great choice for manifesting money, while selenite helps to clear your energy field. When choosing crystals and gems for your jewelry and accessories, it can be fun to learn about and utilize their meanings to give you an energy boost and to help focus on the qualities you wish to strengthen.

Diamonds Gemstones In Wedding Jewelry

Gemstones have always been popular in jewelry, but the growing interest in colored gem engagement rings shows that many ‘New Age’ buyers are going beyond the bling of diamonds and opting for central pieces that hold greater personal value, or that help clear a pure state of mind. Sapphire, for instance, is believed to involve wisdom, and represents devotion. Emeralds symbolize loyalty and faithfulness in love, and opals work to keep enthusiasm and passion alive. In many modern wedding ring designs, diamonds are still present, but they can play a smaller role, framing a large central stone in a vivid, symbolic color.

Crystals And Gemstones In Fashion Accessories

Crystals are much more affordable than gems, of course, and that means you can use them on a daily basis in a plethora of accessories. Some of the hottest trends include the use of gems of one or more colors in hair clips, brooches and diadems. Crystals are also commonly used as stacked bracelets and necklaces, with choices like lepidolite used to lift low energies, peridot used to boost strength, and blue lace agate chosen to improve communication. In some accessories and jewelry pieces, stones such as blue lace agate and blue quartz are mixed, to harness more than one quality or mindset. If you aren’t into wearables but you’d love to have a harmonizing crystal near you at all times, something as small as a crystal or gem keyring can provide you with a stone to clutch while you are meditating or performing a controlled breathing exercise at a time in which you feel stressed and you need to center yourself and bring yourself back to the present moment.

Crystals and gems are all the rage, with many Americans believing that they (like other objects) can harness special energy we can benefit from. Different crystals have their own meaning, and therefore, one of their most common uses is in crystal readings. Crystals and gems can also be used in wedding and everyday jewelry to help remind the wearer that they do have the power to enter a focused, calm and productive state of mind, even in challenging times.

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