5 Locations That Are Perfect For Cheap But Interesting Vacations

Going on vacation shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Ready for a vacation but want to stay within your means?

Traveling on a budget is entirely possible! All you need to do is come up with your ideal budget, start planning months in advance to make sure you stay within that budget, and then stay within your means while on the trip.

The question is, where should you go? You want to go somewhere inexpensive, but you also want to go somewhere that will create lasting memories.

Everyone should take at least one trip in their lifetime that pushes them out of their comfort zone and allows them to experience an entirely different lifestyle.

Here are five locations you can visit while traveling on a budget.

Chicago, United States

If you want to visit a large US city that has plenty to do at a low-cost, add Chicago to your list. Chicago isn’t as vast as New York, but Chicago is much more affordable and still has a big city vibe.

There are plenty of inexpensive activities to do in Chicago. The streets are full of urban art that anyone can enjoy⁠—sculptures such as Flamingo and Cloud Gate make for the perfect photo opp. During the summer months, you can enjoy free musical festivals. And throughout the year, many of the museums offer free entry days.

You can also try some of Chicago’s iconic food, such as the deep-dish pizza, at low prices.

Mellieha, Malta

If your idea of a good holiday includes lounging on a sandy beach on an island, you’ll want to consider Mellieha, Malta. Located in the central Mediterranean, Malta has warm temperatures all year long and plenty of beaches.

Exploring the island can be done at a low-cost. Staying in Mellieha gives you easy access to Mellieha Bay, which is Malta’s largest sandy beach. You’ll also have access to public transportation so you can travel to some of the other locations on the island, such as the historical city of Valletta.

If you’re worried about travel costs, work with a travel agency to find an inexpensive travel package. Learn more about Malta at

Barga, Italy

Italy is one of those countries that has highly influenced Western culture. The chance to sample authentic Italian cuisine and explore a beautiful hill town is a dream vacation for many. If you want to explore Italy at a reasonable cost, Barga is one of the more affordable locations.

Barga is a medieval town with affordable accommodations. Narrow streets, historic buildings, friendly locals, and festivals make for a memorable trip. Barga also has great fish and chips!

You’ll also have access to public transportation so you can visit some of Italy’s other cities. Barga is roughly a three-hour train ride from Florence, which is perfect if you want to take a day trip.

Montreal, Canada

Canada, eh? If you want to explore a large city that has plenty of cheap things to do, check out Montreal. Montreal has culture and great food, all of which can be enjoyed at a low cost.

Food and parks are plentiful in Montreal. Grabbing some cheap drinks and food before heading to a park is a favorite for tourists and locals. And depending on the time of year, there will be festivals taking place in at least one of the parks.

Most bars and nightclubs will also have live music in the evening. If your idea of a holiday includes food, drinks, and music at low costs, Montreal could be your dream vacation. 

Tokyo, Japan

Depending on your interests, exploring a country in Asia might be high on your list of dream vacations. And what better way to explore Asia than staying in a capital city?

Japan has a reputation for being expensive, but if you plan your travels carefully, it is possible to fit Tokyo in your budget. Tokyo offers plenty of museums, gardens, public art, and historical locations that can be explored for free.

Flying to Tokyo and finding a hotel might be expensive, but once you’re actually in Tokyo, there are enough free activities to explore that all you’ll need to pay for is food and transportation. Booking flights and hotels in advance will help you save money.

If you want to travel the world, but aren’t sure how to make it possible, start saving now! Pick a cheap location, figure how much money you’ll need, and put a portion of money aside each month.

Traveling the world can help your mental and physical health—don’t let money keep you from exploring!

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