Here’s How To Enthusiastically Travel On A Budget

Oh, yes—another scroll down the timeline, another flawless picture from your favorite blogger in Bali’s aesthetically clear waters with a drink that resembles Heaven in a Hurricane glass. With a snap of a finger, you then aimlessly try to imagine yourself in that same spot, with a slightly different glass and a smile brighter than the sun. Yet, the difference between imagination and reality is the execution a good plan and the consistency of a go-getter spirit. Yes, you too can be in those waves of Island’s whose names you cannot pronounce, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so. 

Create A Game Plan

Planning makes possibilities, especially when traveling out of the country on a budget. Give yourself about six months to a year to save your coins and prepare for everything you need to do to make your trip successful. Booking flights before prices skyrocket is always better than waiting last-minute. Create a Travel Fund Jar to keep money aside, it’s always harder to let go of dollar-bills than it is to keep up with how much you swipe. When you’ve locked in a solid location, date, and have started saving—your next thought so be to draft a Destination Budget. 

Draft A Budget

It’s common to have the urge to spend when you’re in vacation mode, and you can spend—just not blindly. Always travel with a budget, because as easy as it is to get lost without a map, it’s just as simple to lose track of how much you’re spending when you don’t have a guide. When budgeting, take everything into account—your food, drinks, souvenirs, hotel, and did we mention drinks? When you budget, you know that every want and need is allocated for, so you don’t go off the rails. The last memory you’d want of your dream vacation is one of regret. 

List Down Activities

There is no better way to stick to a budget than having a list of activities to engage in and places to visit. The worst thing you can do while traveling on a budget is lack a solid plan that will ensure you stick to what is vital. A solid plan means how you will go about your trip from the first day till the last.

Traveling, especially to a new country, can present many great things to try out and exciting places to visit. For instance, you cannot resist Nashville attractions such as shows, tours, and cruises, to mention a few.

However, if you don’t have your finances right, you might miss out on a lot. The best thing to do is ensure you have enough money when traveling, to avoid limiting yourself. Besides, you can adjust your budget to engage in a specific activity. The future is uncertain, and this can be the only opportunity you get. 

Live Within Your Means

You don’t have to have something just because it exists. This is the biggest discipline of traveling, especially in a time where “living large” is the social standard. You don’t have to fly first class, besides—what’s an hour of your time nestled between strangers going to really cost you, other than some extra arm room? There is also no rule that states that you must stay in the most expensive hotel, and with rising companies like Noirbnb and the best search engines, you can relax at affordable prices.

Seeing the world doesn’t have to be a luxury that’s limited to a select crowd of people, and there isn’t a “right or wrong way to do it.” It’s an experience that operates under the things that work best for you. So, block off that week, bring out that jar, and prepare to travel the way you see fit!

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