These 5 Tips Will Make Planning a Business Training Trip Easier

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No matter what line of work you’re in, there is always some kind of training period. It could be at the beginning of your job when you’re just starting, on the job training or self-training when you become the teacher and the master.

There are those times, however, when the entire company has to be trained. Maybe you’re installing a new software system that will overhaul client-business relations or you could be attending a conference.

Depending on how you are, you could see this as a great way to travel and get to know each other or it could be just another work obligation. Even though you may not be able to make everyone stay happy, there are a number of steps you could take to make sure you’re going to have a successful training trip.

Be Organized

No doubt one of the first things people will ask you is “what’s the plan”. And if you tell them, they will no doubt make sure and ask you 100 times again both before and during all activities.

So get out one step ahead and print off itineraries for everyone. Emailing them to each person will give people an excuse to say “I haven’t checked my email” or “I didn’t see that email”. Having a hard copy itinerary gives room for zero excuses.

Remember not to make it all just about work, plan some other activities and have meal times or meeting times scheduled out as well.

Book Transportation Early

Even if you’ve never been a morning person, it’s time to be the early bird when it comes to transportation. No matter how you’re traveling, once you have the schedule laid out, transportation needs to come second.

Double and triple check the number of people that are coming and make sure to book as soon as you can. Don’t routinely check out one site as most travel websites have cookies that will track your visiting trends. The more you visit, the more prices will slowly start to creep up every time.

If you’re not sure of dates and want to keep an eye on prices, set a price alert or browse those websites in incognito mode on your internet browser.

The Budget

No one enjoys talking about money, but it has to be done ahead of time. Sit down with your accountant and set up a budget for all employees. What can you spend on accommodation? What is the max you can spend on transportation? Will employees receive a per diem for food or will that all be provided during training?

Once again, start planning this in advance so you’re not playing catch-up in the weeks leading up to the trip.


When looking for accommodation, try checking out surrounding areas that are within close proximity to the training site. While it might have been recommended earlier to book at a certain hotel, you could find their prices a bit out of your budget. Compare prices before making a final decision.

Once again, be looking for accommodation early. This could end up being a large training session or conference and rooms could be going fast. Make sure you make the reservation sooner rather than later.

Find a Place Where You Can Play

One of the most overused phrases in a business setting is “We work hard so we can play hard” along with “our people are our most important asset”. They make sense in theory but after awhile, you can just get tired overhearing the same thing over and over again.

While you don’t have to utter that phrase during your training trip, pick a place where you can all enjoy something together. Check the surrounding areas where your hotel or conference center is and see if there’s a fun arcade, bar or something off the wall like laser tag that everyone can enjoy.

You’ve all been sitting in a room taking diligent notes the whole day, it’s time to reward yourself for what you’ve done. It can also be a way to bond with your coworkers and relieve some stress. What better way to pay back that guy who always blocks the copy machine by beating him soundly in a game of air hockey?


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