It’s Time To Get Control Of Your Stress! Here’s How

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Stress can overwhelm you and consume your very existence.  Some stress is normal, like starting a new job or working on a term paper for college. However, the pressure created from lack of money or a person you love dealing with severe illness can be harmful.  Moreover, if you live with stress day in and day out you may turn to other things such as drugs or alcohol as a way to escape. 

How Stress Can Harm You

Stress can cause your blood pressure to rise, your muscles to tighten, your joints to ache and constant stomach pain. Over time, this type of emotional roller coaster with ups and downs can fracture a once sound immune system and put you at risk for catching colds, and even types of diseases.

Addiction and Stress

When you are under a lot of stress, you may feel anxious and depressed. As a way of coping, many people often abuse drugs or alcohol to make them numb to the goings on in their lives. Unfortunately, this will only compound the problem, as now you have an addiction to deal with, too. Also, when you are sober or come down off the drugs, the issues that caused you to stress in the first place are still present. The good news is that overcoming an addiction such as substance abuse is something you can achieve with an excellent support team in place or, in severe cases, a substance abuse rehab center that specializes in this type of dependency.

Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is something that can affect every aspect of your life. It can challenge the strength of your relationships, your performance at work, your patience with children, your sleep and your ability to do simple daily tasks. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce your stress.  First, it’s essential that you eat foods that are good for you to give your body the proper nutrition it needs to sustain health, energy, and focus. Second, performing a high-impact workout where you work up a sweat can instantly bring your mind to a temporary state of calm, allowing you to relax and breathe easily for several hours. Third, getting the proper amount of rest will keep your body healthy and your mind sharp and focused, which will help you deal with the problems at hand.

Dealing with Stress Head On

Of course, the only way to completely end your stress is to get to the root cause and deal with it head-on. For instance, if your stress comes from financial difficulties, take steps to get them in order. You may be able to fix the problem easier than you imagine by cutting back on wasteful spending or taking on a second job. If your stress derives from a very demanding job, learn to delegate some of the responsibilities to others around you. Alternatively, if you are unable to do that, then consider looking for a new job.

Most people will have short intervals during their lifetime where stress can become overwhelming. Instead of self-medicating with alcohol or turning to drugs as a way to cope with your life, face the problem and while dealing with it, use exercise, meditation, and a proper diet as a way help you retain your strength, clarity, and health.

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