8 of the Best Wedding and Event Venues of the South

Getting married can be one of the most eventful times of your life. You found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and now it’s time to start planning the grand ceremony. Many couples take months and even years to plan their wedding. It takes a lot to plan a wedding, from the venue to the food and drinks, there are countless things you must add to your planning checklist, including:

  • Dress
  • Guest lists
  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Rings
  • Photographers
  • Music
  • Food

Picking a venue has to be the most important part about your ceremony, aside from the bride’s dress. Though weddings have changed over time, the planning process remains the same. There are many people that enjoy courtroom ceremonies and small weddings but there are also others who aspire to have grand beautiful weddings outdoors or indoors. The south is known for its hospitality and culture which leads many couples to have their ceremony in southern states. Here are some of the best wedding and event venues in the South.

1. The Southernmost House (Key West, Florida)

The Southernmost House, located in Key West, is a qualifying venue location for special occasions. There is no need for a passport as you travel to these islands so there is no stress for additional identity proof. This house is a Victorian-themed bed and breakfast known and recognized for its bright colorfulness.

The space is tremendous and should be considered for big weddings. The sunset is beautiful here and the way the sun shines on the back pool can be breathtaking. This venue is also known for its autographed and historical guest book of Ernest Hemingway. If you are seeking a tropical influenced wedding, taking a trip to the Keys of Florida may be a good idea.

2. Jekyll Island Club (Jekyll Island, Georgia)

Jekyll Island is a widely popular location among those who are looking for a good wedding venue. This retreat destination is a rather old and historic one. The Jekyll Island Club is known for its past company of Rockefeller and Vanderbilt families. This venue is an option for those that aspire to have a wealthy and historic themed wedding. This club has seven different venues for you to choose from that fit any kind of wedding ceremony desired. From the Riverfront Lawn to fountained lawns of cottages.

3. Keeneland (Lexington, Kentucky)

Lexington Kentucky may not sound like a very appealing place to hold a wedding ceremony, but it holds one of the best venues in the South. The Keeneland has a variety of venues, some are big enough to hold a ceremony, others are smaller and best fit for receptions and other events. Floor to ceiling windows create an open and bright space for any kind of ceremony and is great for barn weddings. With a clear vision of the tracks outside you get a real authentic barn and country feel.

4. The Bourbon Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Many people aspire to spend their vacation time enjoying the vibrant city of New Orleans, others enjoy getting married there. The is a location for those who enjoy the culture and color of the South. The Bourbon Orleans is a boutique-style hotel that sits in the heart of the French Quarter. If you are looking for a Louisiana ballroom wedding, this venue is perfect. It offers grand crystal chandeliers, quality cuisine, and an overlooking balcony.

5. The Legare Waring House (Charleston, South Caroline)

This almost two-century-old estate is a great qualifying venue for weddings in the South. Though it is a state historic site it stands out as a great place for people to hold their vowing ceremonies. The Legare Waring House is great for antebellum styled weddings that aspire to give visitors a historic and classic vibe. Most weddings take place on the lawn and even coordinators will suggest renting both the house and yard area to be safe against weather conditions.

6. Mint Springs Farm (Nashville, Tennessee)

Mint Springs Farm, located in Nashville, Tennessee is a great venue for a Southern-style wedding ceremony. This farm is an elegant venue meant for special occasions. You get beautiful Tennessee hillsides and lake views with this option and 4 different types of venues as well. From a ceremony room to reception barn and bridal suite. If you are looking to have a true Southern wedding, making a trip to Nashville could be a great option, especially due to other bridesmaid and groom activities and packages this city offers.

7. The Mayo Hotel (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Old historic styled weddings and beach weddings have all been a part of the most popular venue types out there, but more contemporary wedding styles are becoming more popular. The Mayo Hotel is known for its contemporary design and decor. It is located in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and brides all over become entranced by this wedding venue for its terrazzo floors and tremendous lighting. The Mayo Hotel is a perfect venue for those guest lists that you seem to have trouble trimming with its spacious room occupancy of 500 people.

8. Vista West Ranch (Dripping Springs, Texas)

The Vista West Ranch is an ideal venue for those who want to have a bohemian and rustic themed wedding ceremony. You can choose between either the tree-story barn, VWR, and the Creek Haus which has a barn-like facade. Both of these venue types are rustic styled as they feature aged tin and worn out wood to industrial beams and barn structures.

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