5 Ways Millennials Are Doing Weddings Differently To Save Money

Weddings are arguably the most important day in a bride and groom’s lives, and millennial couples have made some changes to the wedding industry in recent years. Overall, the final result is mostly similar to weddings from prior generations, but there are some key differences that millennials are incorporating into their big day to help them cut down on costs but still remain unique, given that they are known as a generation struggling with their constant financial issues caused by an overall increase in living costs.

Personalizing everything

Millennials love to customize and personalize things, and weddings are no exception. Couples getting married want everyone to enjoy a unique wedding that genuinely speaks to the couple’s tastes. Each guest will definitely know whose wedding they are attending. 

To make weddings unique, most of the decor and attire are customized to match the selected color scheme. Napkins, table linens, balloons, seat cushions… if it can be customized, there’s a good chance the bride and groom have done it. 

Additionally, gifts are being personalized at a higher rate than ever before. Groomsmen are more likely to get a gift for your brothers for life rather than one with no personalization, and bridesmaids might be seen donning personalized totes with their wedding day essentials. Even guest gifts may feature the couple’s initials or some other customization to make the item feel more personal. To save costs though, because personalizing items can get expensive, some couples get items made in bulk and then personalized at a local print shop or just do the personalizations themselves.

Planning Early and Online

Almost 70% of couples are engaged for over a year before their wedding day. This means that wedding planning is happening early, so every detail can be tended to properly. Having a lengthier planning schedule is allowing couples to do more research on venues, vendors, and other wedding related items. Also, it’s allowing more time for the couple to save up for their dream wedding instead of compromising because of budget constraints.

In addition to early planning starting earlier, millennials are using mobile apps to plan most of their wedding now. There has been a rise in apps that cater to the wedding planning industry that include vendor reviews, planning checklists, invitation management, and more. Even though millennials have more time to plan their weddings, they aren’t doing it as quickly due to their busy schedules. These mobile apps allow them to be productive even when they’re on the go and cut down on costs of having to use a wedding planner.

Embracing Relationships Over Gender

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, there’s a decent chance that you’ve seen an untraditional wedding party. Traditionally, brides had all female bridal parties, and the groom had all males stand beside him. Nowadays, millennial couples are embracing their relationships, regardless of gender. If a bride has a male friend who is special in her life, that male could very well stand amongst the rest of the lady’s chosen to be in the bridal party. The same goes for men who have strong female friends that support their new marriage.

Less Formal

While some millennials are still opting for formal weddings, the number choosing to be less formal is growing. Millennials who opt for a destination wedding may get married in more casual attire that is suited for the climate rather than the occasion. They also find that they are able to cut down on costs this way. It’s not uncommon to see a barefoot bride or a groom in shorts for a beach wedding.

The same goes for wedding parties. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are starting to wear practically anything, as long as it fits the wedding’s color scheme. Guests can see bridesmaids in sneakers rather than formal shoes, groomsmen in ballcaps, or everyone wearing sunglasses as they walk down the aisle. The one thing everyone will have in common is their love and support for the couple.

Longer Weddings

You better rest up before you attend the next millennial wedding because you might be in for a long day… and night. The wedding party probably has an even longer day ahead of them than any of the guests’ will. 

Some millennial couples have added activities specifically for the wedding party that precedes the ceremony. This might be a spa day for the ladies or a round of golf for the guys, but it does mean more hours dedicated to the wedding. Guests could expect to be invited to an after-party hosted by the couple so that celebration continues all night long.

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