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Demi International is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with over 10 year’s experience in delivering nationally accredited beauty and health courses. The academy has four campuses: Maroochydore, Cairns, Toowoomba, and Chermside. In partnership with the International College of Queensland, they also offer beauty and health courses for international students in the Maroochydore, Cairns and Chermside campuses.

Demi International is renowned for launching careers throughout the Australian beauty industry, as well as overseas. It is an ITEC approved training provider, meaning that their massage and beauty qualifications are internationally recognised. Their graduates have a reputation within the industry as some of the best and sought out by many major employers. Want to know how to study and become a barber? We have the answer.

Demi International is now expanding into hair and barbering offering exciting new training options for those passionate about barbering and seeking a career in the essential and continually growing industry.

Study Options for Barbering at Demi International

Demi International offers the SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering. This entry-level qualification teaches you how to become a barber. The Certificate III in Barbering is the minimum requirement for a barbering qualification in Australia. When you start your studies in barbering you will also learn the basic skills of all hairdressing, once these modules have been completed you will move on to specializing in specific barbering techniques. Demi International has a purpose-built salon at each campus. These fully functional salons are open to the public for barbering services, therefore providing great, hands-on training experience for those in the course. It also means you have the option to become qualified in 18 months rather than 3 years as an apprentice. Let’s look at the study options:


As a full-time student, you will attend classes two days a week over 60 weeks. You will have plenty of practical training and experience working on a variety of paying customers in the Barbering Academy’s fully functioning salon under the supervision of your experienced and qualified trainers. This allows you to become a qualified hairdresser in 18 months.


As an apprentice, you will be employed in a salon with a qualified barber on site. You will attend the Barber Academy up to 1 day a week (this is negotiated with your employer) and will complete the majority of your training and assessments both in your workplace and online. A full-time apprenticeship will take you 3 years to complete full-time and 6 years to complete part-time.

School-Based Traineeship

You can begin your traineeship in the Cert III in Barbering while still at school. You would be expected to complete a total of 7.5 hours a week working in a salon under the supervision of a qualified hairdresser. This average’s to about 30 hours over 3 months. You may be required to also attend the Hair Academy 1 day a week. A school-based traineeship takes 6 years while at school. The time reduces once you leave school and can take on a full-time or part-time apprenticeship.

Start your Barbering career at Demi International

Our boutique training school and salons are located at Maroochydore, Cairns, Toowoomba, and Chermside in Queensland, Australia. With our long-standing reputation for excellence within the health and beauty industries, we are excited to deliver the best-trained hairdressers and barbers in these regional locations. Our graduates will be qualified with an internationally recognised qualification in barbering, whether they complete the course as full-time students at the Barber Academy, as an apprentice or as a trainee. Our staff are industry experts in this field and on hand to help Monday to Friday to discuss how to become a barber and which study option is the best for you.

Interested in turning your passion for barbering into a full-time career? Get in touch with Demi International and enrol today!

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