A Workaholic’s Guide To Luxury Vacations: 5 Tips For Escaping Your Toxic Productivity Mindset

a workaholic's guide to luxury vacations

There are certain tell-tale signs that you or your loved one might be a workaholic. Workaholics tend to obsessively check emails, devalue personal priorities, and refuse to take breaks. These overachievers often have trouble slowing down, even when they are legitimately sick or in pain. Additionally, notorious workaholics frequently feel unsatisfied with their own performance levels and accomplishments–making these working professionals type-A perfectionists through and through.

The dangers of workaholic tendencies are severe, ranging from depression and insomnia to anxiety and organ damage. Luckily, there are ways to rid yourself of a toxic productivity mindset. You can also mitigate the harmful effects of job-related stress by infusing pleasure and rest into your daily routine. When DIY spa treatments and monthly massages don’t cut it, consider treating yourself to a week-long getaway. 

If you identify as a workaholic in recovery, luxury vacations yield a myriad of benefits when it comes to restoring your health and productivity levels. If work burnout has forced you into a zombie-like state, don’t spend another second clearing out your inbox. Instead, cash in your airline miles and follow the steps below to shed your workaholic tendencies successfully. 

Consider extending your vacation post-breakthrough   

A vacation can encourage workaholics to reevaluate destructive and unsustainable workplace habits through unclouded lenses. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Reformed workaholics may choose to extend their vacation once they realize what they’ve been missing and start becoming envious of other working professionals who religiously cash in their PTO. 

There are plenty of reasons to extend a vacation. Maybe the weather improves right before you’re supposed to leave, begging you to bask outdoors and enjoy the sun. Or maybe you discover a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a famous landmark or monument. 

In these cases, entertain the idea of staying longer so you can reap the benefits of internet-connection-less living. Along with changing flights, contacting your employer, and making accommodations for pets back at home, you should consider shipping your vehicle to your chosen destination abroad. To generate a list of reputable auto transport providers, try searching “ship car to California” on Google. That way, you can guarantee that your vehicle arrives scuff-free at your vacation destination. 

Block out work stress    

While you’re on vacation, do your best to truly appreciate each and every moment. Being present requires you to disconnect and unplug from your job and enjoy the moment by smoking some flavored CBD dip made from organic hemp flower. 

Though taking an extended break might seem scary and foreign, workaholics should desensitize themselves to the proposition of spending days or even weeks away from the office.  

To disconnect from toxic office culture, be sure to switch off your phone notifications and resist the urge to check your work inbox more than once or twice per day. 

If you’re struggling with this, try setting your phone to airplane mode to prevent unnecessary distractions. Limiting work updates may prove difficult at first, but it’s imperative in order to make the most of your travels. 

Nourish your mind 

Prioritizing your mental state is a fail-safe way to recharge. Self-care not only improves overall health but also promotes more impressive business success. While relaxation looks different to everyone, mindfulness is an exceptional way to unwind. It can be straightforward and accessible when you engage in the right activities. For example, recovering workaholics can spend some time in nature, take a hike, or meditate for a few minutes in their hotel room.

Take care of your body  

Don’t forget to focus on your physical health while you’re on vacation. Stress takes quite a toll on your wellbeing, so fend off its effects by logging ample sleep during your trip. Rest will restore your body and help you recharge. If you’re suffering from aches and pains, treat yourself to a much-deserved massage or spa day. You should also stay hydrated and try to eat as nutritiously as possible while traveling. 

Reconnect with your personal life

When you’re overwhelmed and consumed by work, you might unintentionally treat your loved ones like an afterthought. It’s important to let them know how much you care about and appreciate them. Take some time to email or call family members and friends during your vacation. You can even send handwritten postcards with details about your trip. Any thoughtful gesture–simple or grand–will go a long way once your schedule fills up again. 

Final word

Don’t take poor work-life balance lying down. Use your vacation time to reassess your priorities and practice setting boundaries with over demanding employers. That way, you won’t have to book an emergency vacation when your work burnout reaches unbearable levels. 

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