3 Real Reasons Why You Are Getting Bad Sleep And How To Fix Them

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Sleep is a major cornerstone of the health of every individual on the planet.

Sleep is a major cornerstone of the health of every individual on the planet. With good enough and regular sleep, your body and mind function much more how they should. You will be able to lose weight more easily, keep a handle on your emotions, and allow your immune system to do its thing much more effectively. But many of us don’t sleep as well as we should, and it’s a problem. If you have noticed that you are probably not sleeping as deeply or as regularly as you should be, then there are a few common culprits which could be the underlying issue. Let’s take a look at what those are, and what you can do about them.

Ear, Nose & Throat Problems

Many of the people who are not sleeping well enough have a problem with their ear, nose and throat region – often without even knowing anything about it. If your partner has started to complain about your snoring, or they have noticed that you often wake yourself up with your heavy breathing, then you might have a problem of this kind. Not only is it likely to disturb your sleep, but it can be a serious medical condition too. As such, you will want to go and see an ENT doctor to make sure that there is nothing wrong, and to receive whatever necessary treatment if there is something wrong. It should help you to sleep much better in no time.


There is a vicious cycle when it comes to sleep. If you are stressed out, then you are not going to sleep as soundly, and that will mean that you become more stressed the following day. There’s only one thing for it: you have to try and cut out your stress at the source if you are going to sleep better every night. That could mean making some changes to your lifestyle in order to ensure that there is less stress in the first place, or taking up breathing exercises or meditation in order to try and manage your stress in that way. In any case, you should make sure that you are managing it so that you are much more likely to get to sleep, and so you can stop that vicious cycle in its tracks.

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If you drink alcohol, you will find that this is likely to be affecting your sleep profoundly. This will especially be the case if you are drinking every night, or as regularly as a few times a week. If so, you should seriously think about cutting down – not just for your general health, which will benefit from less alcohol too – but also for your sleeping pattern. Alcohol appears to send you off to sleep, but actually, it causes many mini-awakenings throughout the night, so your sleep is much less restorative and you wake up feeling tired. Do away with it altogether, or cut down drastically, and you are going to find that you sleep much more soundly.

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