7 Reasons Why Your Fitness Plans Aren’t working


Have you previously tried and failed to reach your fitness goals? You are not alone. In fact, the vast majority of women who start a fitness challenge struggle to ever achieve their objectives. And it’s rarely due to a lack of effort.

You’ve heard the phrase that you need to work smarter, not harder. Avoiding the common pitfalls is a key ingredient in the recipe for success. Learn to address the seven aspects below, and your hopes of success will look better than ever. 

1. Your Workouts Aren’t Fun

Before worrying about what you want to achieve from your fitness plan, you must first ask yourself one key question: is it fun? 

If the answer is no, you must look to change that. Finding a sport or physical activity that you love will transform your approach to fitness. Exercise will no longer feel like a chore and will become something that you actively want to do. 

In turn, your frequency of workouts will improve along with the intensity that you put in. Fitness shouldn’t be a short-term goal, it is a lifelong commitment. Adding an ingredient of fun is key to facilitating it in style.

2. You Aren’t Working Towards A Goal

While enjoyment is a key factor, you must not forget that your fitness plans are built to improve your life. So, you must ensure that they align to your goals.

Losing weight is the most common goal. However, you must remember that the scales aren’t everything. Muscle is denser than fat. So, you may improve your body image by losing fat without actually losing weight. The mirror is a far better indicator.

Fitness goals may also relate to your aspirations of running a marathon or becoming a better basketball player. We are all unique and have our personal aims. Following the same plan as your sister or colleague won’t work. Do what suits you.

3. Workouts Don’t Fit In With Your Schedule

Even when you want to complete a workout, it will become very tough if the plans don’t fit your schedule. After all, your career and personal commitments will take priority.

Convenience is particularly crucial when you have a busy schedule. Creating a home gym will deliver it. Compact bumper plates, fold-up treadmills, and a skipping rope are three great investments. Even a small space can encourage a thorough workout.

Aside from the benefits of efficiently using your time, it can save money in the long run. When added to the fact you can avoid having wandering eyes on your every move, home workouts take on an even greater appeal.

4. Inferior Diets Are Holding You Back

Fitness levels are determined by what you do in the gym or on the court. However, you’d be a fool to overlook the impact that diets will have

The right nutrition is needed to field workouts and recoveries. Educating yourself about different food groups, as well as supplements, should be high on the agenda. Only then can you make the calculated decisions required for optimal results.

Many women (and men) underestimate how many calories they eat per day. So, using a calorie counter app can be very useful too. When supported by good hydration levels, you will notice a boost in energy and concentration.

5. There’s No Variety In Workouts

If you’ve found a workout that’s enjoyable and has helped you make progress, you may assume you’re onto a winner. Right? Wrong.

The harsh reality is that repetitive routines will soon stop working. They’ll keep you fit to a degree, but the rewards will be limited. Trying new workouts and exercises will keep your body on its toes. In turn, you will burn more calories and achieve bigger gains.

In addition to the physical benefits, a little variety in your workouts can boost your engagement and enjoyment. So, the mental rewards of following a new healthy living plan will be greatly increased too.

6. You Don’t Get Enough Rest

Let’s face it; you can’t exercise to your full potential if you are exhausted before starting. So, getting enough rest is crucial. 

A good night’s sleep allows your muscles to recuperate and grow. It also regulates stress levels and aids your energy. It also encourages you to stay on track with both the nutritional and workout aspects of the plan.

When you are overtired, it won’t just impact your fitness. It will bring negativity to your relationships, career, and general wellness. And when this happens, you will inevitably abandon the process prematurely. 

7. You’re Comparing Yourself To Others

Finally, in a world of social media, it is far too easy to compare yourself to others. Get into the habit of focusing solely on becoming the best version of yourself. You will not regret it.

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