5 Ways To Make Your Graduate Feel Special

5 ways to make your graduate feel special

Since late March of 2020, celebrating special occasions has changed from the ways we once commemorated everything from birthdays to graduations. If you have an upcoming 2021 graduate, you may be looking into different ways to celebrate them, despite the social-distancing restrictions you have in place. 

Aсcording to about 4,001,000 college students are expected to graduate in the 2020 to 2021 school year. They worked hard to achieve this amazing accomplishment and while they may not be able to celebrate in a way they would like to, there are still ways to make your graduate feel special. Here are our five top suggestions for celebrating your graduate: 

1. Send a special delivery

Snacks and delivered goods are almost always welcome, so with this in mind, why not make a special graduation gift delivery? Whether your graduate loves flowers or top-notch chocolates, a special gift delivery can make anyone feel extra special, which is exactly what you want when celebrating the grand achievement of graduating. With so many options available online, pick your graduate’s favorites—they’re bound to love it.

2. Celebrate as a family at home

Because of the pandemic, you may not be able to host a big party with family and friends but if you and your family are your Covid-pod, you can consider celebrating as a family at home. After all, you’ve been together throughout the process, so why not celebrate the graduate’s big achievement with their favorite food and activities at home together? You can order a graduate cake from a local bakery or support a family-owned restaurant that serves the graduate’s preferred food and make the best of the occasion. At the end of the day, they’re sure to be happy their loved ones celebrated with them. 

3. Organize a Zoom party with their friends

More than likely, your graduate went through this process with friends from school. While they may be unable to celebrate together for everyone’s safety as they normally would, they can still be together during this time through a Zoom meetup. It’s not the same but it can definitely help the graduates be able to spend time “together” celebrating such a momentous occasion. Consider sending out special deliveries to the graduate’s closest friends for the “party” to make it even more special.  

4. Order a keepsake photo book of all the best school memories

The process of graduating has spanned several years, from when they were little until now. It’s undoubtedly been a long journey and one that deserves recognition. It’s also a process that has probably been full of many special memories and one of the best ways to remember these moments is through a photo book. You can either do a DIY photo book for your graduate with pictures from over the years or consider ordering one from sites like Mix Book

5. Consider investing in a graduation gift

This may not be possible depending on current circumstances but oftentimes, parents will celebrate a graduate with something they’ve been wanting to accomplish or acquire for a long time. For such a momentous occasion that took a lot of hard work, many families will give a gift that will mean a lot to the graduate. Whether they need a car as they get started on their new life or would love a trip to a favorite destination, there are several options for celebrating such an incredible achievement. Think about a gift that may not only be what they want but something that can benefit them in their post-graduation life as well. Or you can opt for something more fun like a custom cornhole board.


Most soon-to-be graduates look forward to the day when they can wear their graduation gowns and cap and while they still can wear the outfit, they may not be able to celebrate in one specific place with their friends and fellow graduates. This is why it’s important to go all out to celebrate them in the best way you can. With these unprecedented times, don’t forget to still enjoy important milestones in your loved ones’ lives. 

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